Wednesday, September 3, 2008

At the old site during the NFL Draft...

I made mention of how I disliked the Packers selecting Brian Brohm.

I said that he was going to grow up to be Brad Johnson. I used the phrase Negative Gunslinger Q Rating. I had three fans of the 'Ville roll up on me aghast at my claims. Understandable. And since I had shit to do, I let the debate, such as it was die.

But if any of them were enterprising? They would have been a whole hell of a lot more pissed off at me.

Here, I have a couple of LSU fans happy with me because I said this about Matt Flynn.

I was hoping for Andre Woodson. That’s what I get for hoping.

Don’t let me say that as indictment of Matt Flynn. He’s not a player that you’re in love with, but the fact of the matter is, he brings more to the table than Brohm. Athleticism? It goes to Flynn. Arm? It goes to Flynn. Durability? It goes to Flynn. Leadership? It goes to Flynn.

The only thing Brian Brohm has more in terms of is on-field decision making. I think Matt Flynn could be the better pro*.

*(Statement void if they sign a veteran.)

And why, pray tell would I feel so inclined to bring this up? Because right now Matt Flynn has played himself into a backup quarterback role. And while this may be the scariest possibility some Packers fans can face, and perhaps if disaster strikes we would see Quinn Gray run the simplified offense before you would see Matt Flynn.

But the fact of the matter is? I'm right. Being right makes me happy.


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