Thursday, September 25, 2008

There is some love for visionary thinking on this blog...

And if the Charlotte Bobcats land Carl Landry off of the offer sheet? It's a move that could pay spectacular dividends. Carl Landry was a bad man last season. He was a key to the Houston Rockets 22 game winning streak.

Not to say that it's an automatic win for the Bobcats. Not by a long shot. If you were paying attention? You would have noticed that he was having offseason issues with his knee and exactly what condition his condition was in. But that being said? If the Rockets don't match, and it's probable that they will. Landry has an opportunity for beaucoup bucks.

But the question is. Backup on a good team>>>Starter on a bad team for Landry? If he stays motivated, he'll make good money soon enough.

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