Monday, September 1, 2008

A labor dabor Top 10 list, things I know without any empirical proof...

10. Marcus Thomas will lead the Lions in rushing.

9. Ultra-right wing parents breed promiscuous children.

8. If I had Musical Omniscience and a nice bit of time travel? I would have Johnny Cash cover Beck's Farewell Ride. Because that would be the greatest song ever.

7. Yeah, you're right, the Wild Card does make pennant races more boring. But I'll take it.

6. Fringe is going to fail. Kurtzman and Orci are hacks.

5. I will never play poker against people who look like 1980's pro wrestling managers. They are lucky and bad at cards. I am the opposite.

4. August is like January, but shittier when it comes to Movies. I will pay 100 dollars to anyone who breaks up Friedburg and Seltzer.

3. Ben Sheets needs to take up yoga. Like seven years ago.

2. Louisville looks like a 10 loss team at the rate they're going. Kentucky's going to struggle to get Bowl eligible this year, and they looked like the 1985 Bears versus Louisville.

1. I just pooped out the letter C. Happy Labor Day.

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