Thursday, September 18, 2008's the thing.

I'm a simple kind of sports fan. I do not expect much. I want my teams to beat the teams they're supposed to and steal a few versus the teams that have better talent. And I can handle years of being above average. But you know what?

There comes a time when you want a shot at the brass ring. Sure, the Brewers are driving down the road as if they're on three tires with a four star wanted level. But the fact is, the Brewers have just a touch more talent than the Mets.

Am I being hypocritical? No. See, when a good run starts? You want to see how far they can go. And yet, I am zen about the fact that simple logic dictates that the Cubs would clinch by the time the season ends. Because for the longest time, I was honest about the fact that the Cubs had more skill.

I hated the Cubs for their ridiculous announcing, their annoying theme song, and their fans general degeneracy into becoming nothing more than a Midwestern Red Sox fan. But I was man enough to admit their on-field talent level was higher. That being said? If the Brewers lose the Wild Card?

I won't be happy.

That also being said? I'm getting sick of the Badgers being the Clemson of the north. Always finishing with 8 or 9 wins, always losing to a lesser team or two. Question? Can this year be any different. Answer? Yes.

Will it? No.

Why? Because the Badgers have three definable trap games. All on the road. And I can guarandamntee they'll lose two of them.

September 27th @ Michigan

Why? Because Michigan sucks now and they have a date with Ohio State, who should have their shit together by October.

October 18th @ Iowa

Why? Iowa still has a tough defense, Wisconsin is a natural rival, and a game versus Penn State the next week? This is where they will fall.

November 1st @ Michigan State

Why? Because even if Michigan State is in the middle of a slow start, their talent level is similar to the Badgers. And if by a hook and crook they're unbeaten at this point? They will lose here.

Three trap games. Two losses. I eagerly await which above average SEC team we will face in a bowl game.

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