Saturday, September 6, 2008

This is so fucked up...

The Bobcats just scored on a fumble. Against Ohio State. To extend their lead. To 14-6.

They have 24 minutes to survive. But let's be honest, if this the latest incarnation of the Sex Pistols? This game is their version of the American Tour.

And some D-Bag on ESPN2 is trying to call it bigger than Appy State versus Michigan.

Update: Mark Parson just fucked up royally. A muffed punt puts Ohio State in Field Goal range. Ohio 14, Ohio State 12.

Update II: Bah. A Brandon Saine touchdown run makes it 19-14 Ohio State. Mood: Morose.

Update III: Ray Small punt return equals 26-14. With Boo Jackson's less that 3 yards per pass attempt? That's game Hendrix!

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