Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Chase Wright for Eric Fryer trade?

Well? It's a lefty arm who is coming off a season where, according to his MLE? He had a 4.00 ERA. But inexplicably, his command is really bad. Like Daniel Cabrera-lite bad. So he's a 4th starter who needs a good defense to be good.

(And that left Milwaukee long ago.)

But in a world of rotational questions? A starter who could generate a 4.40 ERA in some form of reverse Dave Bush wouldn't be bad. Not bad at all.

Especially considering that Eric Fryer is a 23 year-old in High-A Ball. His defense is mediocre. He did manage a .913 OPS. But this was in the South Atlantic League. It's a long way to the top if Eric Fryer wants to rock and roll. Sure, he could be somebody. But right now?

Chase Wright is less likely to be somebody's fool.

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm sure you have never had a chance to meet and/or see Eric Fryer, but I can assure you that there is something special about this kid. Not only did he have a stellar season in West Virginia (where fans compared his play to Matt Laporta), but he has dedication to the maximum. You should send him your article, I'm sure it would only fuel his fire.