Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A mock draft thought exercise...I must have nothing else right?

1. Detroit: Matt Stafford QB-Georgia (Now I know what I said. And perhaps they will go in a different direction. But the fact of the matter is, what Miami did was a flukish sort of a thing. Teams do not jump up ten wins without luck. I would redshirt Stafford. Build for 2011.)
2. St. Louis: Jason Smith LT-Baylor (This is the upside play. But while Eugene Monroe is still the safer bet? Jason Smith has been climbing up the draft charts. Great athleticism. Good power. He was gonna be a great fit for the Packers at 9, but never mind that. He's gonna get paid.)
3. Kansas City: Aaron Curry OLB-Wake Forest (Though now instead of just being happy, they are ecstatic.)
4. Seattle: Eugene Monroe LT-Virginia (Safest pick. Bridges the gap from Walter Jones and with Crabtree's injury, they move here.)
5. Cleveland: Malcolm Jenkins-CB Ohio State (If you can stop the pass? You're in good shape. This gives them a good opportunity.)
6. Cincinnati: Everette Brown-DE Florida State (To continue building on a surprisingly stout defense.)
7. Oakland: Michael Crabtree-WR Texas Tech (Because the Raiders scouting operation is nothing more than a fanball.com draft preview magazine.)
8. Jacksonville: Rey Maualuga-MLB USC (I know, with no pro day and a 4.8 combine 40 they could probably deal down and still get him. But with Andre Smith so clearly insane? He's their best player available that fits a need for them.)
9. Green Bay: Aaron Maybin DE-Penn State (They could go Raji, they could trade down, but of the available defenders currently, he looks tailor made to be a 3-4 OLB Pass rusher. And you know that good pass-rushers are slightly overvalued in this day and age.)
10. San Francisco: B.J. Raji NT-Boston College (Another team that flinches on Andre Smith.)
11. Buffalo: Brian Orapko DE-Texas (Great athleticism, he's a tailor made 4-3 defensive end.)
12. Denver: Vontae Davis CB-Illinois (You could see a team in the market to deal up here. Davis is a great defender, but so far as the thought exercises go? They have bigger and better needs. A deal to 9 would get them Raji.)
13. Washington: Peria Jerry DT-Mississippi (Killed it at the senior bowl, obviously they'll go in a different direction if Haynesworth rolls up to the Capital City. But he fits the scheme perfectly.)
14. New Orleans: Brian Cushing OLB-USC (Somewhere in this sequence from Picks 8-14, someone is bound to trade up and grab an offensive player. A Mark Sanchez, Jeremy Maclin, Darrius Heyward-Bey, whatever. The Saints have three picks. If none of them have been selected? The Saints will listen to a good offer.)
15. Houston: James Laurinitas OLB-Ohio State (Now sure. People are in the I'm going to look for weaknesses stage with Laurinitas because he's done nothing since the Fiesta Bowl. But we know who he is, and as this draft breaks down? He's a great fit.)
16. San Diego: Michael Oher OT-Mississippi (He is the high-risk prospect at offensive tackle, but the tools that he has with the linemates in San Diego? He's a perfect fit.
17. New York Jets: Alphonso Smith CB-Wake Forest (Draft for need or best player available. I say they draft for need.)
18. Chicago: Mark Sanchez QB-USC (Kyle Orton has shown himself to be a decent player, but Sanchez has all the tools to be spectacular. Maybe Maclin, or maybe Heyward-Bey, maybe Harvin.)
19. Tampa Bay: Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland (I say unto you. You want a receiver that is a weapon? They just might pass on Maclin to get to him. In fact? They will.)
20. Detroit (from Dallas): Andre Smith OT Alabama (Long fall ends here. They need a potential franchise left tackle. And despite the worst job interview ever? He could still do it.
21. Philadelphia: William Beatty OT UConn (At the rate this draft is going? The Eagles should take their potential left tackle of the future here because an offensive weapon might still be there at 28.)
22. Minnesota: Alex Mack C Cal (The secret world of Alex Mack is a key addition to the magical Vikings run game.)
23. New England: Clay Matthews OLB USC (Because he's muli-purposed for evil.)
24. Atlanta: Shawn Nelson TE-Southern Miss (The main beneficiary of the Dustin Keller effect, with none of Jared Cook's character issues.)
25. Miami: Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri (Who forgot about you? I didn't. I expect a trade up for Maclin.)
26. Baltimore: Percy Harvin WR Florida (The Ravens offense needs a playmaker, and here he is.)
27. Indianapolis: Eben Britton OT Arizona (A solid set of tools for a team that could fit in as an eventual left tackle, even if he starts out as a swing tackle. Right tackle now.)
28. Philadelphia (from Carolina): Chris Wells RB Ohio State (See?)
29. New York Giants: Clint Sintim OLB Virginia (When in doubt, the Giants love to collect pass-rushers. Sure Michael Johnson is still available, but you know what? Sintim can be an outside linebacker...right now!)
30. Tennessee: Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech (Jevon Kearse version 2.0)
31. Arizona: Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia (Damn the 40 time, he has the lateral movement and he has an excellent opportunity to be the bellcow for a top-notch offense.)
32. Pittsburgh: Phil Loadholt RT Oklahoma (The Steelers need a tackle in some form or fashion, and if the six left tackle prospects are gone? It's time to get all giant and power playery.)

Yeah. This may be weird to you. It's weird to me. Jeremy Maclin falls to 26?

I know, right?

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