Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Marquette is a stealthy final four pick?

I mean, at this juncture in the season? They are a 2 seed with swagger.

The Jerel McNeal, Wesley Matthews, Lazar Heyward core is hyperexperienced and who can attack defensively, the basket, as well as from beyond the arc in strong measure. Dominic James should never shoot the ball, but his defense/distribution methods are very excellent.

They are not drawing fouls at the levels they had last season, and they can slow the game down if another team controls the tempo. Quite frankly, this is a team that's a Joey Dorsey-type away from being the belle at the ball.

So that's why they're a final four team. So why are they stealthy? Simple. Their last five are going to be a Grizzly Bear to win.

The smart money is for this team to get to 23-3 by the time the schedule gets rolling. They travel to Georgetown. Then it's #1 UConn in Milwaukee. Then to Freedom Hall for a rivalry game. Then to Pittsburgh for a very hard fought game. They do get Syracuse at home to end the regular season. But they could be 26-7 and a #3 seed by the time the brackets come out.

And that is how the stealth mode just might turn on.

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