Monday, February 9, 2009

Twenty-five things that will happen in Baseball this season...

I am feeling two moods, a mood for lists and a mood for projection... This is where the obvious headline comes into play. 25 things that will happen in baseball Ready, steady, go.

1. There will be a rush of Type A Free Agents after the June draft.

Compensation has been an issue. As an example, the Brewers had been interested in Juan Cruz before the C.C. Sabathia clusterfuck. But outside of maybe Adam Dunn, Orlando Hudson, and Manny Ramirez. And they may not even make it. It is what it is.

2. The St. Louis Cardinals will win the NL Central.

And 87 games will be enough to take it down.

3. Adam Dunn will have a higher OPS than Manny Ramirez.

4. Carlos Villanueva will be the best set-up man in baseball...

If Trevor Hoffman doesn't fail as a closer.

5. B.J. Upton will be the ginchiest of trade prospects for your Fantasy Baseball team.

He had shoulder surgery. This means his average and power totals will likely be lower in the first half. But a .300/10/45/20/50 sort of a second half? Is gold.

6. Curtis Granderson will go for a 30/30 season this year.

He is still underrated. He's the Grady Sizemore of underrated Center Fielders.

7. The Royals will contend. Seriously.

Or Alex Gordon will be dead by Kyle Farnsworth's hand.

8. The Rays will fall back to Earth.

To be a good surprise, you need to win the World Series the shocker season. See the 93 Phillies, the 2007 Tigers, and other teams not named the 1991 Atlanta Braves. My gut says 4th.

9. Nelson Cruz will not be Geronimo Berroa with steals.

And isn't Brandon Boggs starting?

10. Outside the Lines will have a month of programs on Alex Rodriguez.

And Bob Ley will continue to be haunted by the ghost of Tom Mees.

11. Jake Peavy will not be traded.

12. The most valuable player on the Diamondbacks? Yusemiro Petit.

Max Scherzer probably doesn't have more than 150 IP in him. And Doug Davis has control problems. The long reliever is huge.

13. David Price will be the AL Rookie of the Year

I don't hate Wieters. But catchers as rookies is a meme that you really can't trust. I like LaPorta to have a Ryan Braunish on the Indians in Left after they realize that Ben Fransisco isn't a full-timer.

14. Miguel Cabrera will be the largest player traded.

Both in name and in actual size. Get him in a hitters park and he may have a 30 homer half of baseball. .320/30/70? YES!

15. The Philadelphia Phillies will take a flier on a name starter recovering from an injury.

Expect a Mark Mulder of some sort to boo. But Brett Myers is a real and true injury risk. And you do not want Adam Eaton as your 6th starter in peril.

16. The Homer Bailey watchers will remain disappointed.

17. Cameron Maybin will be your NL Rookie of the Year

It's a wide-open race, but Maybin has the opportunity to break out for a big lead. Maybe if the Brewers open up a slot they have a chance.

18. Wandy Rodriguez will be a stud for the next five years...

Lefty pitchers have later primes. Remember that.

19. Sadly, the Twins will not get Joe Crede.

If Morneau gets hurt, they will be in last place. (They may collapse even if Morneau has a normal year.)

20. The Yankees will sign Jim Edmonds.

Okay not really. But they should sign him. He's better than Melky, and if Hank Steinbrenner wasn't so irrational in trade negotiations? They would have a center fielder who doesn't blow.

21. Joey Devine will get 45 saves.

22. Matt Capps will be the Pirates lone all-star.

23. The Giants will make a move for someone who isn't a past their prime veteran.

Joe Crede IS a never was and not a has been!

24. Someone will name a blog after Seattle First Baseman Bryan LaHair.

25. The Brewers will sign Brandon Looper.

And hope for the best.

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