Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Break.com’s Top 50 Viral Videos for 2008 Prove Men
Want to See Mishaps and Stunts Online

Break.com, the leading video entertainment website for guys, today named the top 50 viral videos for 2008. Hilarious mishap videos reigned supreme as half of the top 50 videos featured epic fails, pranks, and crazy stunts. From a bride getting pushed into a pool in Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding to the unbelievable Treadmill Handstand Attempt, men 18-34 visited Break to view our top 50 videos of 2008 over 174 million times. Check out our top 10 most viral videos.

Break.com is the premier online entertainment destination for men aged 18-34. With over 18 million unique viewers and 500 million page impressions per month, guys visit Break.com for the best content online. Break.com is a cutting edge community for guys and the content they like. Content is produced by our viewers for our viewers combined with the best in professional content.

I Think He Can Dance
Compilation of Embarrassing and Busted! Photos
Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane
Human Slinky Halftime Basketball Creighton University Omaha NE
Stupid Party Stunt Ends Terribly
Exercise Ball To The Face
Dog Owns Little Ice Skater
Not Even Close
Treadmill Handstand Attempt
How To Split Drywall
Painful 30ft. Back Flop in Pool
Cats on A Treadmill
World’s Largest Homemade Waterslide
Awareness Test
Sister Busted By Brother
Toy Bat vs Baby Brother
Singer Faints Off Stage
Guy Gets Revenge on Girlfriend for Headache
Huge Pool Jump
Little Dude Jump Kicks His Forehead
Chick Does 21 Different Accents
Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding
Try Not To Laugh
When You Hit A Girl
Scaring Mom Leads To Concussion
Hot Blonde Gets Rid of One Night Stand
Broken Skateboard Has Last Laugh
How Not To Use The Drive Through ATM
Adriana Lima GQ Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Sick Backflip Catch
Trapped in an Elevator…With Diarrhea
Cute Girlfriend Gives Good Head…ache
Bootyful Soccer Video
Awful Nutshot Prank With Shovel
How To Beat The Claw Game
Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned
Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch
Funny Kid Isn’t Sorry About Huge Party
Bug in Mouth Brings Out the Street in Reporter
Foosball Nutshot
Sarah Palin Sex Tape Leaked
Amazing Blob Jump Launch
A Very Lucky Day
Akon Punches Chick Out At Concert
Hot Dentist Cleavage Prank
Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles
Would You Hit It?
Suzanne Shows Off More Than Just The Dress

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