Monday, February 23, 2009

Bubble Developments and Bullet Points...

I'm going to talk about the current bubble watch in terms of the day to day. Because I can, right?

  • Anybody who even perished the thought that the Big 10 was going to get 8 teams into the Big Dance was being sagacious at best and drunken at worst. Yes, I'm looking at you Lunardi. Michigan is dead after getting their ass kicked in overtime to Iowa. And all of the sudden it looks like Ohio State is going to be stuck on the bubble baseline with the 18, 19 wins and a .500 conference record.
  • Arizona was game, but like Wisconsin, they left the opportunity for a clinching win on the table.
  • And as for Syracuse being unable to beat Villanova? They should win their next three and let the computer numbers do the rest.

Thank you, expect another combine-related post at a later point.

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