Friday, February 13, 2009

The Tom Brady Corollary...

Now, we all know the debate will likely be Sanchez vs. Stafford. And that's fine. It's the storyline when there are two good prospects for round 1. (And for my money? Sanchez will be the better pro.)

That being said? There's nothing more fun than getting a random quarterback and watching them hit. This is the Kurt Warner Corollary, and it is something you need to watch out for.

This year? There are four candidates.

1. Curtis Painter: With Painter? It's more of a question of if his practice skills can translate to in-game. His senior season at Purdue? Awful. He lost 3-5 rounds of draft value. He has polish, but his inconsistency is That being said? He has an ability to find the corner who gives too much cushion and just nickel and dime them to death. He can roll out. He can throw deep. He just needs patience to consolidate his polish.

2. Drew Willy: Drew Willy is in no form or fashion Jim Sorgi. For one? He has the arm to go deep when necessary. For two? He has a high Gunslinger Q rating. He'll throw it up. He'll throw it in the small window. And you know what? He's accurate as well. He has a MAC level of competition to deal with, but you know what? The Mid-American can develop a good brand of quarterback.

3. Jason Boltus: Here's a tip. Anybody who says Matt Stafford has the strongest arm in this draft class? Liars or merely misinformed. You need to go out and visit Oneonta. Boltus has a cannon for an arm. And he has good mobility in the pocket. His issue? Touch. His best completion percentage is 59.0% And for a D3 qb? That is definitely a concern. But he is definitely one to dream on.

4. Stephen McGee: He killed it in the Shrine Game. He showed every strength of his. The mobility. An efficency in his throwing motion. Poise in the face of danger. But the fact remains? His senior year was a Dystopian nightmare, and a good week is something of a small sample size.

If your team gets one of these four players? You may just find yourself with a stud in 2012. It's a great sort of thing.


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