Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some would say that this was a classic Super Bowl...

Lies. All lies.

Now I'm not at this point in my life where I am going to scream conspiracy. The Steelers won it fairly. And the Cardinals were a game and worthy opponent. The problem?

The refs. They took away from a hard-fought if not a little grimy game with their incessant need to stop play with their flags and whistles. It was not an NBA-styled game, but that being said?

That referee sure did like to hear his voice, didn't he?

And you know what else? Odds are that Warner had a bridge too far in terms of those last five seconds. But with Boldin, Breaston, and Fitzgerald? Wouldn't you think it would have been cool to see them try? Because everybody knows that the final play was no fumble. And that's a shame.

After all, if the booth wasn't in too much of a fucking hurry to end the game? They would have given us the most exciting play in football that never happens. And if it hit?

Oh my god. Then we would have had a GOAT. At best? We have a poor man's Nipplegate.

Esoterica comes manana.

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