Friday, February 27, 2009

Matt Wieters is not Jesus.

He's not the combination of all the good parts of Joe Mauer and Mike Piazza. He is not a giant Johnny Bench. He is not another Dale Murphy. He is just another rookie.

Hype is not good for rookies. Sure, Junior Griffey lived up to the hype. But does anybody remember when Baseball America called Ruben Rivera the next Mickey Mantle? What about when Andruw Jones was supposed to change the world with his bat? Neither one happened.

And the degree of difficulty? It grows exponentially for the catchers. For every Ernie Lombardi in hype? We get a Mitch Melusky in execution. Know, those in the twitter world know I may be a man who thinks the sky is falling with every catcher in existence. But here's the thing.

When the conservative projections of a player is .285/25/83 for a player you're going to inevitably find yourself disappointed. Be easy Baltimore. Don't lose your shit if Mike Napoli goes and outplays the Wieters.

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