Friday, February 13, 2009

The State of SEC Hoops

a.k.a. the B-List

You have a chance at 6 tournament berths, or a miracle party crasher. This is going to be a very interesting Conference to watch in the next month so, yeah. Watch it.


Florida: (Nick Calathes pro-tip: When in a pot with two or more callers, you can slide through the lane with small pairs and suited connectors. But Alex Tyus is kinda awesome dude.)
South Carolina: (Getting this team into a likely position for an NCAA Tournament berth has likely clinched Darrin Horn the coach of the year.)
Kentucky: (Still a two man army, but when it's Meeks and Patterson? You're dealing in gold, baby.)
Tennessee: (One of the teams that has been burned by the furthering of the three point line. Everybody in the rotation chucks up two or three per game. And outside of Scotty Hopson? Nobody's that good.)
Vanderbilt: (Why are they one the wrong side of the bubble? An inability to take care of the ball. They need to get two out of their next three to get back to good. That might be impossible.)
Georgia: (When you have Terrence Woodbury as your go-to guy? You are very likely not going to get much above 10 wins.)

LSU: (From the Final Four to the Crater to the SEC Champs in four years. The only weakness they have? If you get them into foul trouble? The bench is inexperienced. Feburary 28th is going to be a classic at Rupp.)
Mississippi State: (Several bad non-conference losses are going to be the reason why they cannot make the big dance. Charlotte, Texas Tech, and San Diego are going to kill this team if they don't get a signature win. Do it for the Vanardo!)
Auburn: (Why hasn't Jeff Lebo been fired? Kovortney Barber is nothing more than a badass. Also DeWayne Reed is a point who just may keep the window of opportunity open.)
Mississippi (They've been .500 since Andy Kennedy got drunk and the Chris Warren experience torn its ACL. It's a scrappy team.)
Alabama: (For a poor-shooting team with no real point guard? This is a team that has some good piece of the puzzle. JaMychal Green and Senario Hillman are the two pieces that are going to create magic.)
Arkansas: (It's still a young team. But they are not deep down low and they struggle at the line. Courtney Fortson and Michael Washington still could be a Meeks-Patterson for 2010.)

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