Saturday, February 7, 2009

How do you define a trap game?

First you need to have it on a strange day. It's not necessary, but it does help. How often has college football strange occur Friday, is something that is majorly odd for any non-Ivy League team.

Second, you have to have a game in an odd location. It's like a Mountain West team that has to go to TCU. Or a WAC team in Hawaii. It's added pressure.

Third. There must be a game of some importance coming up next. If you have two seeming gimmies in a row? The first one doesn't matter. The second one may lead to a trap. But you must have something to look ahead to.

And fourth? You need a team with no gravitas. It's easy to go and get up for the big timers, but when your opponent has one win that could be vaguely construed as quality? You just cannot get up for this.

So how did Marquette lose to South Florida?


Chris B. said...

By reverting to the Tom Crean Memorial Lets-Shoot-Ourselves-Through-This-Slump Offense.

Andrew said...

In fairness, yes. This was a game that running and gunning could have kept them from collapsing.