Sunday, February 8, 2009

A thought exercise...How to draft for the Packers...

Now you know me, I'm a self-professed draft expert. And if I put myself in Ted Thompson's shoes and looked at how to draft for the Packers? I think I can make this team better. Pizza Hut style.

Now, there is one reason why this is merely a thought exercise. Ted loves to deal down. It's rare that such a thing would happen in Round 1. But what's in the 4th round may turn into an extra 5 and a 7 with a 6 the next season.

So, without further adieu? Go go Buffalo!

1) Jason Smith OT Baylor

Now there are plenty of players that I would be happy if the Packers selected. Both starting corners are north of 30. But with Tasucher gone and Clifton north of 30? I would start with a Tackle who's an instinctive pass blocker with good athleticism and a perfect fit for the run scheme. And the upside? My god.

The draftguys call him another Ryan Clady, and if he is? Then the Packers have a new left tackle for a decade. Or they could trade down for Everette Brown or Michael Oher. Or draft Vontae Davis. Plenty of options here.

2) Darius Butler CB UConn

Now he's not exactly the upside play of someone like a Patrick Lee. But he is most definitely a player. He's undersized, but he's not strictly a cover corner. He plays with agression and technique. He is a ballhawk. And he will make whichever team that drafts him a better team.

3) Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose State

If you think one Cullen Jenkins is good, wouldn't two be awesome? Gilbert is a Cullen Jenkins clone. Big, with good pass-rushing skills, long arms, he can be a 4-3 Defensive Tackle. He has a nose for the ball, even if he is merely an alumnus of the WAC.

3b) Ron Brace NT Boston College

He is built for one thing, and one thing only. Run-stuffing. And for the Packers? He's a man who fills a necessary need at a more than excellent value. Sure, he doesn't have the sex appeal of his BC Tag Team partner B.J. Raji. But he's a big tackle with a motor and a good desire to improve. He'd be rotational to start, but Ryan Pickett's also north of 30.

4) Fenuki Tenopu OT Oregon

Now that Jason Smith is the Left Tackle of the future? Tenopu is the bookend. He is not a man who has the requisite skills to play the left side. But he is a tailor made run-blocking right tackle. He has agility, a good first step, and power. He plays mean. And with the power-side pass rusher? He'll be a solid starter.

5) Brandon Williams OLB Texas Tech

Now he is listed as a defensive end, but remember 3-4. And as a back-up pass-rusher to Kampman/Would be KGB? He's interesting. Quick, long, with a great first step. He is born to pass rush. However? He would be eaten alive if he was a 4-3 down lineman. He's a bit of a project in coverage, but as an elephant? There's value here.

6) Bernard Scott RB Abilene Christian

Now remember, this is me here. Taking a flier on a Divsion II running back who has had multiple character red flags probably means he won't be a Packer. But you know what? If he's Darnell Dockett and not that darn Chris Henry? He'd have a real future in this league.

Why? He was hyperproductive at every stop. He used fast feet and mobility. And he has a Maurice Jones-Drew sort of power. If he can make the transition? He could be great.

6a) Brandon Underwood FS Cincinatti

Upside, athleticism, and safety depth. He's inexperienced, sure. But when you have Atari Bigby and Aaron Rouse keep getting themselves hurt. The Upside Athletic Depth guy is a necessity.

7) Kory Sperry TE Colorado State

Now perhaps I would see if a rocket-armed division three gunslinger would replacce Matt Flynn as the developmental prospect. And perhaps if I felt froggy, I would jump at another character risk in Andrew Quarless. But in the perfect world, there are two tight ends that can be receiving options in Green Bay. And Sperry would be the Tyrone Davis if Jermichael Finley could not.

Dull? Sure. But you know what? The Packers issues are mostly trench related. And unless you're gonna use the scads of cap room to get Albert Haynesworth or Terrell Suggs to fly in and save the day?

You can't get tricky here.

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