Friday, February 13, 2009

Bubble Watch: Providence Friars

In Feburary, it's a dark time for sports. The Super Bowl is over. Pitchers and catchers and report, and yay. But what else? Nothing.

This is where the Bubble Watch comes in. Every other day or two? We'll roll up here and discuss the divinity of teams on the fence. Today? We'll talk about a new coach and the middle of the Big East pack.

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Providence Friars (15-9, 7-5)
RPI: 66
SOS: 42
vs. Top 25: 1-4
vs. Top 50: 3-5
Quality Wins: Syracuse, Cincinnati (2)
Bad Losses: Northeastern

A decent resume. But the bad news is that Cincinnati's seeming quality at present? It's going to fall back down the hill. And there is no win that could gain in quality near enough to replace them. They haven't lost to any suckers, but that being said? Syracuse is not a signature win by any stretch. The 94-91 loss to Villanova may be their nadir.

Remaining Games: Rutgers, @ Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, @ Rutgers, @ Villanova

They need to hold serve. And then they need to steal one. That's how they can feel relatively safe. .500 is okay, but while beating to Notre Dame isn't yawn inducing? They'd rather take Louisville, Pittsburgh, or Villanova. They need quality wins.

Final Judgements
Record: 19-13, 11-9 (Out in Quarterfinals)
Last 12 Games: 5-7

Are they In? *Tosses a coin* They're in.

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