Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greg Paulus offered you a baby if you had a college...

So playing football for Syracuse probably means he will get teabagged by various defensive linemen. It will likely be a struggle. Syracuse has a long way to the top, and quarterbacks switching sports don't often have college, let alone pro success. J.R. House is a comprable name for Greg Paulus' future.

But hey, Syracuse has a Free Baby. Which is nice.

Playboy Buddy Rose: Dead...

Dead Serious about helping you lose weight!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never let it be said you can't be a principled opportunist...

The GOP has become a more radicalized, regionalized party. It goes without saying, one of my chatter friends was going to vote Republican. But the final push of the last month of the election kind of soured him on the Republican process.

Now I have to wonder what his opinion on the Specter defection to the Democrats is. Politically? He's going to likely be in the Lieberman-Bayh portion of the Democratic Party. And you know what? That's fine for him. It will keep him in power. Ridiculously old senators who sound like once respected newsmen is as American as Apple Pie.

Sure, his last move as a Republican was to come out against the Employee Free Choice Act. But that's an easy fix, so long as he allows the vote, odds are he can vote no.

And personally? He just clinched a return to the Senate for another six years. Putative Republican nominee Pat Toomey will likely get launched. He couldn't backdoor another term Lieberman style. He probably had to find a way to get out, and the swine flu is how he gets it.

For the GOP? They're in the weeds. Not to say they can't get out. Going to 2006 from 2002 was a revolutionary change in party affiliation. But Michael Steele's looking good for saying that he would challenge the L:incoln Chaffee wing of the Republican party to get all fresh to death as Arch-Conservatives.

This also means that they lose a different part of leverage, because a smart Democratic party would tie the redrawing of committee seats to the seating of the elected Senator from Minnesota in Al Franken.

And the Club for Growth is another albatross for the GOP.

For the Dems? It can be win-win. Letting those of bifurcated opinions have a real voice in the party will allow them to keep the party going longer. I know I've railed against Lieberman, but I personally don't like him. Specter sounds like former newsman Edwin Newman and tells bad jokes. That's awesome.

And tell Joe Biden he's earned a mistimed statement or three. If you want to call a random black man Donovan McNabb? Mazel Tov.

So until Auto-tune the news goes up and gives you the definitve take. It's back to sports for me.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Serious baseball question...

How difficult is it to teach a player a breaking ball? I say this with the least amount of snark possible. It's a question I'd like to know.

 eulogio de la cruz Pictures, Images and Photos

It's a question Eulogio De La Cruz would like to know as well. The Padres designated him for assignment today. And it's a question that intrigues me, because you see so many relievers who don't have even one pitch like his fastball who manage a long career. But now he has a chance to be going on team #4. His fastball means that it's going to happen.

But he can't lock into the second pitch. And until he does? He will keep bouncing from team to team.

Maybe the White Sox can work the miracle.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So How Did the Packers do?

You know me, I'm not a milquetoast when it comes to this. I mean the internet affords anonymity, and hell, few people read it anyway when I dislike how it went down? Imagine what happens when I like a draft.

Because...I liked this.

1) B.J. Raji: A (Best player available in a position of need who has the potential to kick ass and take names as a pro. He will be a monster.)
1a) Clay Matthews: B- (Like the player, but was he really that much better than Connor Barwin? I mean, the way Ted was drafting this year he could have stood pat and kept both thirds.)
4) T.J. Lang: B (Nothing more than dead solid value with good solid starter potential.)
5a) Quinn Johnson: C+ (The slotting value was questionable. The need was real. The player? Marginal.)
5b) Jamon Meredith: A- (A beautiful speculative play. He could be your left tackle by 2010, or out of the league.)
6a) Jarius Wynn: D (You're asking him to fit in a system that's bad for his skills. I am dubious as to the chances of his success as a Packer.)
6b) Brandon Underwood: B+ (Great value, great skill set. It's a B+ because I don't expect a starter by 2010. I don't know where, but it's long view here.)
7) Brad Jones: C+ (Good potentiality, but my gut says he may never escape the level of special teams gunner.)

All in all? Bring me an A- draft every year? And I'll have good weekends.

The Green Bay Packers Select: Brad Jones (OLB-Colorado)

The triangle numbers are strong. (6'3" 230 4.6-4.65) He has strong pursuit skills. He can get to the runner before the blocker gets to him. Nevertheless? He's kind of soft. Ask him to stop an inside run and it's not gold. And he is more of a chase and wrap tackler than a striker.

If he can stick on special teams? He's going to play. He's not a great pick, but he's not offensive. I would have gone different, but I'm not outraged. Not by a longshot.

ESPN is ridiculous.

Mark Sanchez the best pick in the draft? No. You don't package up and wound your defense to get a player who cannot provide an instant impact. Cripes. You stay at 17 and you would have had the explosive receiver you really needed in Jeremy Maclin.

I mean really. I know Day 2 is running long, but stop trying to be the USC Football Channel. You don't have the Pac-10 under contract.

Soooooooooooooooo lame.

Bernard Scott.

I've talked on him before on this blog. Hyperproductive at Ableine Christian. Great agility. Good quickness. But he was quite troubled. Five arrests and four colleges troubled.

He was too good not to get drafted, but for someone who struggled to get his head right, he needed to find a way to a good program to achieve the heights of his potential. So where did he fall in the draft?

I answer this with a question. Would I blog about this if he landed anywhere but the Bengals?

I am laughing because he is now in the land of Chris Henry and ambitious police officers.

Best Player Available at Pick 199?

Why not?
  1. Rashard Jennings RB Liberty
  2. Gerald Cadogan OT Penn State
  3. Darry Beckwith ILB LSU
  4. Frantz Joesph ILB Florida Atlantic
  5. Jason Watkins T Florida
  6. Lee Robinson OLB Alcorn State
  7. Cameron Morrah TE Cal
  8. Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
  9. Derek Pegues S Mississippi State
  10. C.J. Spillman S Marshall
  11. Kory Sheets RB Purdue
  12. Ricky Jean Francois DT LSU
  13. Brian Hoyer QB Michigan State
  14. Dudley Guice WR Stephen F. Austin
  15. Trevor Canfield G Cincinnati

The Green Bay Packers Select: Brandon Underwood (CB/S Cincinnati)

It's not the cornerback I wanted, but it is a player I'm happy to get. There are only two questions to his game. One, the jump ball question, he does not have the aggression to fight receivers when they try to go up and get it. Two, he is not the best of tacklers.

But he really does have an ability to contribute at both safety or cornerback. He had to play Free Safety in college because he had DeAngelo Smith and Mike Mickens rocking out at corner. But he can play either position. He has great instincts to play corner and not get beat. But he also has the ball skills and ability to disrupt runs and screens as a safety.

They got a steal here. Right now Double T is looking like a magnificent bastard in his checkerboard shirt.

The Green Bay Packers select: Jarius Wynn (DE-Georgia)

I...I'm stumped. Not to say that's a bad thing. Just that when you draft a rotational college player from a team with a solid defense, you think you could have had him later. But can he play?

He's a plugger. He showed flashes of an NFL ready game last year and generally has a good technique to his game. You can see success in his future if you catch the right film. But he is maladjusted in a 3-4 system. He's undersized as a defensive end and he does not have the instincts, let alone the quickness to be an Outside Linebacker.

He has a chance to be somebody down the road to be sure. But will it be somewhere else because he's looking like a practice squadder here? See. Stumped.

The Green Bay Packers Select: Jamon Meredith (OT-South Carolina)

There comes a point when the player loses all risk to his selection. When the cost of a player just goes by the wayside. Jamon Meredith has hit that zone. If he was selected in the second round and missed due to a lack of strength or desire or what have you? It would be a bad pick.

But at this point? Getting a potential heir apparent at left tackle with the skill set that Meredith has shown? It's spectacular value. Because some of his weaknesses can be coached out. And he has shown he can be a ZBS guard. He'll either be out of football in 2012 or he will be a Pro Bowler by 2014.

But as a speculative play? Gold, Jerry! Gold!

The Magician that is Andre Woodson may not have a pro career.

And like my latest best player available list? That's just sad.

Not to say that Bomar won't have a good pro career, but Andre Woodson was starting to show something of a pro future. I mean, Bomar seems to have all the tools. He does have the completion percentage bugaboo, but how much of that was just a case of drops? But if you blog right? You develop guys.

Andre Woodson was my guy. Now he looks like he's on the outside looking in.

The Green Bay Packers Select: Quinn Johnson (FB-LSU)

Now I'll tell you what, I don't exactly hate this premise behind this pick. One of the Packers problems late in the season was the whole generating push in 3rd or 4th and short. Quinn Johnson will try to blow up his opponent on blasts and iso plays. And more often than not? He'll be successful.

The problem is? He is not a consistent blocker. You want a fullback to be able to handle the second level. Johnson cannot. He will hit and fall off of a player. And that right there is why I feel like this pick is going to lead to problems. Will Ta'ufo'ou, if given the same opportunity would have been a better success.

But he will probably stick as a Packer.

The Jags have just solved their receiver issue.

Jarrett Dillard is going to be an excellent pro. There are so many aspects to his game that are professional right now. And if you're one of those people who believe in the concept of tutoring, he has an all-time great to learn the skills of separation in Torry Holt. It's not a question of if he's going to be good, but when.

Steal of Day 2.

New Best Player Available List?

1. Meredith
2. Coffman
3. Johnson
4. Francies
5. Jennings
6. Casey
7. Duke Robinson G Oklahoma
8. Gerald Cadogan OT Penn State
9. Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
10. Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston State
11. Darry Beckwith ILB LSU
12. Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State
13. Cornelius Ingram TE Florida
14. Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina
15. Frantz Joesph ILB Florida Atlantic

The Green Bay Packers Select: T.J. Lang (OG/OT-Eastern Michigan)

Ted Thompson makes with a solid sleeper pick here. Lang went into Eastern Michigan as a defensive line prospect, and he shifted to offense during his second season. Left tackle may be a bridge too far for Twanger in the pros, but you know what? The Packers need their help on the right side of the line. And he seals the deal.

He has solid reactions for such a raw player. He is very good at getting off the line quickly, and he plays with a passion and intensity. He doesn't have great change of direction as well as weak hand punch. But that sort of skill is something a good coach can develop. He can contribute right away inside, but maybe you can move him inside.

I'm a little scared. I'm liking a Ted TRhompsn draft too much.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Five Most...The Five Interesting Draft Day Moves...

Now we all know where we're at going into the second day. Some of us are happy. Some of us are sad. Some of us are nonplussed.
And some of us haven't picked yet. So what does this mean? I will state the five teams who have had interesting days. Some done good. Some done otherwise.
1) Al Davis gets advice from Sparkles the Cat
You just knew he was going to take Darrius Heyward-Bey. If you didn't, you really should have. Ted Sepien has nothing on what Al Davis has become. He sees triangle numbers and he starts to drool. Never mind any other aspect. This is why they drafted Bey instead of a possibly defensible Maclin. This is why the 74th rated safety became a #2 pick. This is why the Raiders will take Lydon Murtha in Round 3.
2) The desperation of Double T
Now we have seen Ted Thompson make some strange moves in previous seasons. But with the picks he made this year? He had a very sane draft. Raji becomes the Gravedigger that will make certain DeAngelo Williams won't go out with 4 scores next year. Clay Matthews will agress to the quarterback with all deliberate speed.
This is a very non-Ted Thompson day 1. He drafted for need. He overpaid to trade up. Why is he doing this? He does not want to get fired. They won, but they won strange.
3) Cleveland Rocks?
For a team that deals down 15 picks, they've got some great talent coming in. They will get stopgap starters in Coleman and Elam for their defense, a top prospect in Ratliff, a way to cool out the center of their line in Mack. Robiskie is NFL Ready, and Massaquoi could be great. And they got cheap pass-rush in Veikune. Few teams can ever say they got five starters on Day 1.
4) You trade your Franchise Pro Bowl Tackle...
You have other needs, and that's understandable. But you have solid prospects available to you at tackle at 28, 42, and 51. Interior line help can come at a later point in the draft. Why didn't you replace him, Buffalo? 
5) Michael Crabtree is still the steal of the draft.
You're welcome San Fransisco.

The Twenty Best Players Available?

Not to say I'm going to feel missing the third round. But it may not hurt as bad as dealing up 15 spots and losing out on what was available at 41.'s the top twenty BPA for me.
  1. Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose State
  2. Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
  3. Jared Cook TE South Carolina
  4. Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State
  5. Shawn Nelson TE Southern Mississippi
  6. Jamon Meredith T South Carolina
  7. D.J. Moore CB Vanderbilt
  8. Chase Coffman TE Missouri
  9. Shonn Greene RB Iowa
  10. Rashad Johnson S Alabama
  11. Andre Brown RB North Carolina State
  12. Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma
  13. Kraig Urbik G Wisconsin
  14. Lawrence Sidbury DE Richmond
  15. Coye Francies CB San Jose State
  16. Rashard Jennings RB Liberty
  17. Derrick Williams WR Penn State
  18. Asher Allen CB Georgia
  19. T.J. Lang G/T Eastern Michigan
  20. James Casey TE Rice

The Green Bay Packers Select...Clay Matthews (OLB-USC)

Who are you and what have you done with Ted Thompson? A trade up for a position of need? I can't say that it's a bad pick. In fact I won't. He'll grow up to be an excellent pass rusher in the pros. He does have to polish up his instincts, but you have someone with the work ethic to get there.

However? Did they overpay for pass rush? Yes. It could have been there at 41.

But you know what? Matthews won't be bad. I give this pick a B.

UPDATE: But for the 2 and both threes? It's something I don't like nearly as much. I mentioned the three OLB/rusher types that would have been solid picks in the comments. There's going to be good vaule in rouund 3. The pick itself is still solid, Matthews will be a good pro. But the move itself? Yeesh.

Wow, Tampa Bay is stupid.

Josh Freeman is going to be a bust. Not just might be. He will be. And you traded up to get him? Nice. You have Leftwich. You have Josh Johnson. You are fine at quarterback.

If I was a team looking for the better prospect, I would pester the Buccaneers with a 6th rounder for Josh Johnson. Flat out. He will be a better pro if some team is willing to give him an opportunity.

Because what Tampa is doing here is ridiculous. Ridiculous.

ESPN has spoiled roughly 11 of the first 12 picks...

And it's ridiculous. We want to be shocked. Knowshon Moreno would have been shocking. Nobody would have seen that pick coming. The Broncos have signed 4 running backs to combine with the 7 running backs who had carries last year. Not to say Moreno can't do well, but yeah. He would have been shocking if ESPN didn't have its head up its ass.

But that being said?

I still stand by my Michael Crabtree as a Larry Fitzgerald-esque pick. The 49ers have made a steal with Crabtree. It doesn't matter if the quarterback is going to have issues. It's not going to be a question of if but when. Megatron made Jon Kitna look good. By 2010? He will be a stud.

The Green Bay Packers Select... B.J. Raji (NT-Boston College)

Let's be honest, if Ted Thompson was feeling secure in his job? He may have taken a risk on Crabtree. But the fact of the matter is that with this selection, they have taken the best player available in a position of need. The Packers needed someone who could stuff the run.

And B.J. Raji? He is a beast in the middle of the defensive line. I can guarandamntee you the there will be none of this teams bleeding the Packers to death by running the ball next season. This is an A+ pick. Love it, love it, love it.

They're comparing Mark Sanchez to Joe Namath.

That'll work for me. Namath was a shitty pro, and the way ESPN is slavishing praise on Sanchez? I want him to fail as a fan. He could be a successful pro. But that being said? ESPN is treating Sanchez like the second coming. And that being said? Pete Carroll pro quarterbacks haven't exactly been guaranteed successes as pros.

And I don't think Mark Sanchez is going to get the luxury of a Redshirt season.

And the Jets gave up a potential better starting QB, their starter at strong safety. and a starter at a position that they already need to get him.

They will have messed up.

Seattle was smart...

Any team that doesn't listen to ESPN and picks the best player on the board has done something right. After all, you want someone so overcome with emotion when they get selected to be the leader of the defense. And for the next 10-12 years? They have that.

And as for me? My urge to want Mark Sanchez to fail is rising. ESPN is killing the draft. And not in the good way.

Well, thank you Kansas City...

I was not a fan of Tyson Jackson, and I am glad that he is on your team. If he would have been on my team? I would have been sad. I would have felt like I did when those fifth grade monsters...

Perhaps I've said too much.

Just thanks for taking the next Marcus Spears, Scott Pioli!

Matt Stafford as a Detroit Lion

I still think it's not going to work out. I do think they're drafting a guy to redshirt, which is defintitely going to help matters. But I'm not going to say that it's a guaranteed success. In fact? The odds are greater that he's going to be a bust.

Why? Because what if Daunte Culpepper was a huge success? It could happen. He has his old offensive coordinator when he was at his best, I mean Scott Linehan may have been ridiculous as a coach, but he can coordinate. And he does have Calvin Johnson. Say they get to 6-10? Say Culpepper goes off for 4000/35/10? You have a city/state that was 80-20 against the selection of Stafford. What happens when he gets forced out.

You have an organization that has entirely too many needs. You have an organization that needs to change its culture. Jason Smith can change the culture. Aaron Curry sure as heck can change the culture. Matt Stafford is just going to be the frontman for an empire of dirt.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Drew's Day 1 Breakdown

Oh Hi, if you've stumbled upon this, don't be afraid, it's a big breakdown of the draft day. Every position, everyone who was at least at one point of time a potential Day 1 pick. You will be surprised, you will be bored. And maybe I will get a comment of outrage.

Follow the links plz!


Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends




Defensive Ends (3-4 OLB)

Defensive Tackles

Outside Linebackers

Inside Linebackers



Leave questions, comments, concerns. Just please to read me.

The Interdimensional Thought Exercise...

For the final one of my thought exercises for the Packers? I saw a gimmick and liked it. And I am going to do what great writers do. I am going to steal it. As I saw someone combine five lines of logic to make the perfect mock draft on I am going to have five ways the Packers will draft the first pick and go from there

Round 1
Space Eater: B.J. Raji NT-Boston College
Pass Rusher: Brian Orakpo OLB-Texas
3-4 End: Tyson Jackson DE-LSU
Offensive Tackle: Andre Smith-OT Alabama
Wild Card Bitches: Aaron Curry-OLB Wake Forest

The Packers really aren't going to shock the world by drafting an offensive player. But while there is a 40% chance I am going to be upset with life and the way things are going, I can see them getting a need, even if the need is someone who will keep a need for talent at the position necessary.

Round 2
Space Eater: Jarron Gilbert DE-San Jose State
Pass Rusher: Gilbert
3-4 End: Ron Brace NT-Boston College
Offensive Tackle: Lawrence Sidbury OLB-Richmond
WCB: Gilbert

What once was a nuclear powered rise up the charts has been blunted somewhat for Jarron Gilbert. I'm not saying that he's a bad player by any stretch. But who was the likely pick is now something that could be the d-lineman that sneaks into round 1 in Ron Brace. And as for Lawrence Sidbury, I think Connor Barwin could fall, but Sidbury is going to be a spectacular pass rusher. Pack would love him.

Round 3a
SE: T.J. Lang OG/OT Eastern Michigan
PR: Lang
34E: Cody Brown OLB UConn
OT: Alex Magee DE Purdue
WCB: Lang

T.J. "Twanger" Lang just might have to play guard at some point during his career, but during his postseason all-star game? He killed it at both guard and tackle, and the Packers need some help on the right side of the offensive line. Good upside, an aggressive kid, and I think he'll only get better. Cody Brown would be the best pass rusher available, and Alex Magee would rock this town as a 3-4 End.

Round 3b
SE: Coye Francies CB-San Jose State
PR: Francies
34E: Francies
OT: Francies
WCB: Francies

The Packers take a Corner in the third round. It could be Chris Owens. It could be Gregory Toler. But the man I want the Packers to take right here is Francies. He is a press corner who, as I have said before, just reminds me of a young Al Harris.

Round 4
SE: Kaluka Miavia OLB USC
PR: Sammie Lee Hill NT Stillman
34E: Fenuki Tenopu OT Oregon
OT: Tenopu
WCB: Hill

Here's why if Ron Brace is on the board at 41, they may pass on my guy. There is a real drop in the space-eater in the middle of the defensive line. Not to say that Hill doesn't have upside? But will he be ready for the world straight away? The Packers have to hope. Tenopu would be the would be right tackle. Miavia? Versatiliy, instincts, with a batch of Lofa Tatupu upside on the weakside.

Round 5
SE: Mike Goodson RB Texas A&M
PR: Nate Davis QB Ball State
34E: Davis
OT: Hill
WCB: Goodson

Did I mention Sammie Lee Hill might just be a real reach at 4? But here seems to be where you would go after a best offensive player available. They want a speedster at running back, and Goodson does seem to fit the bill as someone of fifth round value. And Nate Davis? Dude. The negative backlash is going to allow somebody a steal. And Troy Smith went Round 5.

Round 6a
Brian Hoyer QB Michigan State
PR: Devin Moore RB Wyoming
34E: Moore
OT: Moore
WCB: Frantz Joesph ILB Florida Atlantic

Brian Hoyer is a guy with solid tools to his name, even if he struggled mightily with his game as a senior. But the Packers have the time to develop. And I think they are going to add a QB at some point. Devin Moore would be the speedster change of pace back that the Packers select. They've been interested. And here they will pull the trigger. More on Joesph below.

Round 6b
SE: Joesph
PR: Joesph
34E: Joesph
OT: Joesph
WCB: Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska

Too low you say? Maybe. Who you say? If the Packers select him, they would get a steal two rounds earlier. Frantz Joesph is an explosive player with amazing instincts. He is a dollar tree Rey Maualuga in terms of his rep. But don't question his game. He could start right away. Murtha is a developmental tackle with great measurables.

Round 7
SE: Joe Burnett CB-UCF
PR: Burnett CB-UCF
34E: Burnett
OT: Curtis Painter QB-Purdue
WCB: Painter

Joe Burnett is another Macho Harris type. More quick than fast. He may have a bad 40-time, but he is great with the man coverage. Believe in him if you get him. Curtis Painter, solid, unspectacular. He'll grow up to be a stopgap starter if he's average.

So yeah, 5 mock drafts for the Pack. I just have one more homeristic thing to say before I sleep. Please don't make me have to watch Tyson Jackson.


Day 1 Draft Breakdown...Wide Receivers

Last year? There was not much quality to the depth that was out there for the passcatcher. There was a lot of depth, but there was no first round ace. This year? It brings something different. Height and awesome. Trust me, there will be a lot of receivers drafted here.

Michael Crabtree
1. Michael Crabtree Texas Tech
6'2" 215 4.54

There is so much to love about Michael Crabtree's game? It's sick. Outside of timed speed? Here's what Crabtree brings to the table.

Ball skills
Hand catching at the high point
Getting himself open
And he was a Heisman finalist on one foot last year. Yeah. he's an ace.

What's his weaknesses? The speed is not great, and the separation will become an issue at some point. It also means he's never going to be a home run hitter. But I am merely nitpicking. Crabtree is ready.

I mean, worst case scenario? He's Keyshawn Johnson. But like the last redshirt sophomore to declare himself for the draft, there's a surprising polish to his game. If you must know. Crabtree could sky to Larry Fitzgerald's heights. He has that high of an upside.

Jeremy Maclin
2. Jeremy Maclin Missouri
6'0" 198 4.45

Jeremy Maclin has that certain something to his game. It's a mixture of elusiveness that rivals Devin Hester and hands that compare favorably to Torry Holt. Give him the first step? And he's gone. Have him leap for the ball? He'll get it. And going east and west? He's just as scary.

He does have one real weakness right now. Ask him to run the entire route tree? And it won't go great. His concentration can run hot and cold. And he does need to develop more on-field strength.

But if he gets his hands on the ball? He's straight nightmare for defenders. You will see him as a returner straight away, and he will be awesome. When his polish gets there? He will be kind of like Steve Smith without the crazy.

darrius heyward bey
3. Darrius Heyward-Bey Maryland
6'2" 210 4.25

There's a certain archetype that you find in Wide Receivers. The wide receiver with superb athleticism and no polish to him. That's DHB in a nuthsell. The 40-time is sexy, and he does have olympic level straight line speed. He does have the build that if the light ever turned on, he could be better than Crabtree. He has solid ball skills and the same sort of physciality and fearlessness.

But his hands are inconsistent on his best days, and his instincts and awareness? Also not so good. Maclin's route running skills are better as well. And that sprinter speed? Strictly straight line as well. He also won't break many tackles for a dude his size.

In my head, I have a name. This is strictly first instinct, and I know I've been proven wrong in these scenarios before. But the name that fits the archetype of DHB, at least in its most recent incarnations? Troy Williamson. Turtle nation can commence feeling

4. Percy Harvin Florida
5'11" 192 4.39

Percy Harvin is a weapon, pure and simple. Get him the ball out in space? And he's going to fuck some shit up. He has soft hands and good body control. But his elusiveness? His elusiveness is the skill that pays his bills. Sweeps, screens, slants and flies. Spectacular.

If you've heard of anything close to Percy Harvin, you know his major weakness is his feet. He does not stay healthy, and it's mostly with his heel and ankle. Sure, route running is a bit of a problem, but you know what? Being a Devin Hester-Reggie Bush type with missing positional and seemingly no special teams skills is essentially ballast if he can't stay healthy.

What he brings to the table when he sees the field? It's Top 5 talent. He is such a good playmaker when healthy you you see him among the left tackles and Crabtree. But the problem? He's not a strong healer, and he always seems dinged up, and that's why he may fall out of the first round of the draft.

Hakeem Nicks
5. Hakeem Nicks North Carolina
6'1" 212 4.51

Youtube Hakeem Nicks, and you know what you'll find? He has hands that are spectacular. That catch wasn't merely ancedotal, dude has got hands. He also has general ball skills and excellent body control. And he has the heart to work the middle of the field.

He will never be a vertical threat. He does not have great levels of athleticism. He does not get great separation. The injury at the combine cum fat butt? It is only an issue because it entails character and motor. If he gains 15 pounds because of a lack of working out for the biggest job interview ever? What happens when he gets rich?

Let the scout that made the rumors of Hakeem being an underized tight end fade from your mind. What he is, is a receiver with hands of glue. He may never be spectacular. But he has the grit and intangibles to have a nice decade long run as a Jake Reed type. He will possess your heart.

Kenny Britt
6. Kenny Britt Rutgers
6'3" 218 4.50

He knows how to use his height and long arms to his advantage like a Republican on a Racist southerner. He can get up and snatch the ball out of the air. Add to that good timed speed, solid route running and a general swagger to his stride? There is a pretty tasty skill set here.

That being said? it's a fine line between swagger and asshole. Britt walks that every day. He also loses his concentration from time to time. And his agility? It's meager at best. So, there just might be those days where he'll go out and get 2 catches for 3 yards.

A potential high reward player with good athleticism despite his mediocre timed speed and unrelaible hands and the diva mentality of many #1 receivers? I wonder if his build reminds you of anybody? Tell you what? I will give you two sets of line breaks and ellipsis to for you to think of a name.



I say Braylon Edwards clone. What say you?

Brian Robiskie
7. Brian Robiskie Ohio State
6'3" 209 4.46

When it comes down to it? Robiskie has the little things down cold. He does not waste movement on his routes. He finds the openings on zones. And he has the hands to pluck and high point the ball out of the air. He will block and give every effort on every play.

But Ohio State has a notoriously fast track. That 4.46 is not his real football speed. He's never going to be spectacular vertically. And in terms of the elusive question? He's not great at that either. A fast defensive back can get him from behind.

However? He does have a strong skill set. His father is a wide receiver coach. And he's learned all the little things from him. And he has the work ethic to polish his strengths into finely honed skills. There's a lot of Hines Ward to his game, and he has a strong chance to touch that ceiling.

Juaquin Iglesias
8. Juaquin Iglesias Oklahoma
6'1" 210 4.44

You want someone to get dirty going over the middle? You want Iglesias. He also has top-notch hands and he can make defenders miss in the short areas of the field. He makes fast cuts and his catch radius? It's very nice. And if necessary? You can stick him on special teams and have him return a punt or a kick or two.

But like Robiskie? His 40-time does not match his actual time. His seperation skills are inconsistent. And he does not have the burst to go vertical. And for a dude this size? Getting himself knocked off the line is not something that you should have happen.

But that being said? He has the potential to be more than a mere posession receiver. A west coast offense will love him. An offense that relies on slants, digs and run after the catch? They will love him. If the Pack didn't have 27 receivers? He'd be a perfect fit.

Mohamed Massaquoi
9. Mohamed Massaquoi Georgia
6'1" 210 4.60

Never mind the timed speed, he has great athleticism and good football speed. He generates a good release, and with sharp route running and an ability to find zone seams? He is excellent at getting open. He is a ready and willing blocker and he does have a good catch radius.

But he has bad hands. It does not matter about production (though with the #1 pick throwing you passes?) and elusiveness after the catch. He has bad hands. Charatcer is not so much of a concern either. HE HAS BAD HANDS!

If he had hands, you could put them up in the Maclin-Bey class of draft. Because in every aspect, he's kind of good. That being said? Some team may be making a mistake here. My thoughts on Matt Stafford are shifting because of the skills of Massaquoi. Unless he learns the ways of Featherstone? He'll be just another Fred Gibson.

Now, receiver sleepers are multiple and plentiful. Trust that I have posted more about these pass catchers. Jarrett Dillard is gonna be a steal. Trust me.


I have to say something. If you need an interior lineman. You may have to go into Round 2 to get one. I may not believe Eric Wood is a worthy Day 1 draft choice, but that being said? Eric Wood is a smart scrapper. Some team would not be indefensible to fall in love with him. I just don't trust an offensive lineman that struggles with knee bend. But more on that later?

Alex Mack Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Alex Mack Cal
6'4" 307 5.17

You want what's potentially the safest pick between 25-40? Go forth to the secret world of Alex Mack. Why? Because this Larisa Oleynik is the prototypical run blocker as an interior lineman. Leverage? Hands? Drive blocking? Pulling? He has it all and he has it all in spades.

But he is not perfect. His pass protection needs some work. A big d-tackle can generate a bit of a bullrush. He loses the leverage and hands as he goes after linebackers. But he's going from great to merely average.

In the future? You could look at Alex Mack and see another decade, decade and a half of a Kevin Mawae-esque run of dominance at center. Right now? He's not going to be Kevin Mawae. But he has the work ethic and desire to take it to the next level and become truly great.

Max Unger Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Max Unger (Oregon)
6'5" 309 5.26

Agility wise? Max Unger is the best center out there. He can be an emergency left tackle. He's solid in pass protection. And he's a good player in the traps and pulling game. All in all? Max Unger is a solid fathlete.

His only problem? He does have functional strength. But his football strength is lacking. He's not a blow you off the ball center like Alex Mack or even an Edwin Williams. It's not a suicidal flaw, a good strength program can handle that. But it's the difference between Unger and Mack. Despite the fact he's also weak in space.

But at present? Anybody dreaming of Kevin Mawae has been camped out at his doorstep. He does have some real upside to his game. You may be able to find a long-snapper, and a backup tackle and guard for the price of a starting center and a mid 2nd round pick.

Eric Wood, C, Jr. Louisville
3. Eric Wood Louisville
6'4" 304 5.19

If you want an effort player? Eric Wood brings you all you want and more. But what else does he have? He has a solid skill set. He has the necessary football smarts to play center, good aggression, and surprisingly solid mobility. He has solid strength and he's willing to finish?. Also? He's shockingly good at hitting moving targets.

But I've said it before. I do not trust waist benders. It limits his power and his leverage. It also means a quick defender can engage his pads. It also means that a strong defensive lineman can bull him into the backfield.

But I am willing to consider the possibility that Wood is merely miscast as a center in the pros. I mean, don't his strengths equal a good zone blocking scheme guard? They do. As a center? He could get eaten up though.

Yay! Good dranalysis!

Day 1 Prospect Breakdown: Running Backs

The running back class this season is no great, but it is better than some of the past classes in history. Of course, in this modern NFL world, you have to be sure in a running back, because like Ryan Grant or Priest Holmes? You can get good value late. So why be early? Take a look at the prospects.

Chris Wells

1. Chris Wells (Ohio State)
6'1" 237 4.52

The good thing about Beanie? His run talent. In that proverbial defensive box? Wells is a killer. He runs hard between the tackles, and runs through defenders. Let alone the sweet, sweet stiff-arm. He has an excellent size-speed ratio. And while he may gather to cut, if he breaks through the first level? He can take it to the barn.

The problem? The intangibles. He runs hot and cold. His injuries have been many and minor. He needs to have someone keep on him to work. I know, he's young and intangibles can improve. But I can't write a paragraph on fumbling problems alone.

Now, there are some who want to compare him to Adrian Peterson. If he had the intangibles? Yeah. Adrian Peterson can win games by himself. Chris Wells may soon? But it may take a while. And the football fans know what I mean when I talk about a talented power runner with poor intangibles.


2. Knowshon Moreno Georgia
5'11" 217 4.61

There is a lot to like about Knowshon. He is a hard, determined runner with excellent leg drive. He has excellent mobility and vision. He is not someone who can stay got. You can use him as a weapon on screens and angle routes. And it may be both a plus and a minus, but he did not have to be the bellcow.

And while he is a hard, determined runner. He does not have power to his game. He can run upright. And he does not have the bulk to make that style work for 25-30 carries. He can be tracked down, because he does not have the blazing speed.

He reminds me a lot of a more-versatile Clinton Portis. He runs hard between the tackles with an undersized frame. He has excellent mobility, and while Portis timed faster, Moreno plays to his timed speed. You give him 25 touches a game? He'll be great for six years.

LeSean McCoy

3. LeSean McCoy Pittsburgh
5'11" 204 4.48

LeSean McCoy has quick feet and that vision thing. He gas a great ability to find his way into the cutback lane. He's got an excellent ability to make the first defender miss. He has good hands and an excellent nose for the end zone. His intangibles are decent. He'll never be a captain, but he comes to play and brings his lunch.

He's does have that Clinton Portis thing of being unable to play to his timed speed. More agile than explosive. He does have a dancing problem. He runs east-west entirely too much. And in traffic, a loose hand can make the ball go bye-bye.

But you know what? He's got upside. He can either go one of two ways. He can be a Clinton Portis styled slasher. Or he can be solid for 12 years like Warrick Dunn. There's good value in this late 1st round pick.

Donald Brown

4. Donald Brown UConn
5'10" 208 4.42

There's a lot to like here as well. Brown is not powerful, but he has nice strength for his size and he does run hard. As last season showed? He has durability. He is spectacular at getting to the corner. He is great at being a one-cut runner. And despite having a -5 passing game on a scale of 1 to 10? Brown has great hands.

However? That timed number is not his football speed. His acceleration is not spectacular either. And he does need more work on his receiving skills. But like McCoy and Moreno? There's a lot more good then bad.

Now, there's not much sex-appeal to Donald Brown. His comparisons are to guys like Willie Parker and the Platinum Pierre Thomas. But you know what? Some team is going to get him in the second round. And they are going to like him. He has a Tiki Barberish upside.

Andre Brown
5. Andre Brown North Carolina State
6'0" 224 4.37

Andre Brown has gone from a middle of Day 2 pick to someone who's now firmly in Round 2. Why? He runs with great power and vision. He has the leg-drive and the stiff arm to generate the extra yards, and he is quite angry between the tackles. And in the extras? He has good pass protection and he can be a threat in the passing game.

But never mind the 40-time, he doesn't have that in football terms. He does not finish runs off with any speed either. He has marginal agility and he does need consist carries to get himself rolling. But you know why that's a moot point? He has major durability issues.

Now that doesn't mean a team can't get something from Andre Brown. He reminds me a lot of Duce Staley. But the fact is, he needs starters reps to get rolling and he gets dinged up when he gets starters reps. Not to say he can't be the head of a RBBC, but who's going to be willing to give that to him?

The third round is going to be rich with running backs. I could see four running backs going in this round. Shonn Greene is a powerbacks who could still sneak into the second round. Rashad Jennings is a small school powerback stud. Javon Ringer is going to be a productive waste of a pick. Mike Goodson is the speedy dude who may be nothing more than a tease. And James Davis is the Thunder of Tommy Bowden's nightmares.

I updated this because I love you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well here's something interesting...

This was sent to me by a reader. Surprised? A little bit. But you know what? I thought to myself. He has the mannerisms down cold. Give him two free hits.

You're welcome. Sorry my blog is mediocre.

P.S. Download the ESPN NFL Draft Podcast, it makes this funnier. I mean Phil Loadholt? Really?

Day 1 Draft Breakdown...Offensive Tackles

This year? Tackle has been a position of interest. There have been three tackles that have been threatening to be picked in the Top 10 with another three that would make picks in the first round. And there are two other tackles that could be drafted in round 2. Would they be the tackles that I've mentioned? That comes later.

Here's what comes now.

Eugene Monroe
1. Eugene Monroe Virginia
6'5" 309 5.18

There's one word to describe Eugene Monroe. Solid. Outside of one aspect? He's good at everything. From his initial burst to driving someone off the ball to his ability to mirror and redirect? There is a lot of NFL-ready to his game. I mean, if he has no-upside? He's already better than at least half of the starting left tackles.

He's inconsistent, but that's something that can be fixed right quick. He does have a waist bend tendency. But that's more of a tired thing than a technique thing. But he does have an issue with reaching the second level. But it is what it is. Minor thing.

Monroe is the most NFL-ready of the tackles in this class. He brings a little bit of everything to the table. If he falls out of the Top 5? He instantly becomes a steal. He's not just safe. He's elite. I mean, there is a certain converted left tackle who was picked in the first round last year named Branden Albert. Monroe kept him inside. Trust in him.

Jason Smith
2. Jason Smith Baylor
6'5" 309 5.09

Whereas Eugene Monroe has the highest floor in this draft? Jason Smith's ceiling is spectacular. He arguably the best quickness and agility in a lineman who will be drafted on day 1, but with that comes a pass blocking game that grades pretty highly. He slides and kicks like nobody's business. And while his strength needs some work, he does have the temperament to try and pancake people or drive them out of bounds.

He does have some weaknesses. I made mention of his lack of pure strength. He also had the issue of being in a two-point stance throughout his Baylor career. He does need to be more consistent in his pad level and leverage. That's the one that kind of worries me.

But while Jason Smith is a little more raw, there is absolutely no reason he should fall out of the top five. His athleticism is spectacular, and his character and competiveness means that he can hone his weaknesses. If he gets past Cleveland? Something went wrong.

A. Smith
3. Andre Smith Alabama
6'4" 332 5.28

On the field? He's a mauler. As a run blocker? He's a 10. He blows people off the ball with excellent technique, and he gets to the second level with consumate professionalism. And he can bring something to the table as a pass blocker as well. He allowed one sack in the single greatest conference of all time. It has to count for something.

That said? He did coast on his athleticism at times in college. He does have issues keeping his weight in check. And if you've even been casually following the draft? You know Andre Smith has lost millions by his job interview Epic Fail. The intangibles aren't exactly a major problem? But it may be a thing that shortens his career.

But that being said? His skills remind me a great deal of Bryant McKinnie. A massive left tackle with intangible questions and the ability to wear out his defender? Absolutely. Now, he's still not going to be a top 5 pick. But if he falls past 12? Color me stunned.

Oher, Michael
4. Michael Oher Ole Miss
6'5" 309 5.34

On raw tools alone? Oher would be a potential #1 pick. He's got the agility and frame to be an all-time great left tackle. And power? He has it in spades. He can anchor and be immovable during a bullrush. He can maul in the run blocking. And in space? He can be solid as well.

Howeva! There is one word that makes you worry. Inconsistent. His motor runs hot and cold and he will be inexplicably beaten every so often. He needs to polish the little things like stance and leverage. He's been well-protected. You know his story by now.

A good offensive line coach could be able to get a lot out of Michael Oher. He doesn't have the intangibles just yet. If you can unlock his mind? You will have an all-pro for a decade. But that's the rub.

Beatty, William
5. William Beatty Connecticut
6'6" 307 5.06

Why he's going to be a stealthy good pick at the end of round 1? He's ready made as a pass blocker. He has great athleticism (from mirroring an edge rusher to walling off on the second level). He plays intelligently with good awareness. Most definitely not a cake-eating chardonnay drinker who does not want to get his fingernails dirty.

He's not a great run blocker. He doesn't have great strength and could stand to add some size. He needs to add strength as well. Poor push and poor hand use mean that you would love him in the old zone blocking scheme. But his run technique needs some work.

I believe that Left Tackles will be something that get great draft value. Beatty has all the tools. He's not a great run blocker, but 2010 1st round pick George Selvie got owned by Beatty. Twice. Few people would have Beatty be the best of the second tier. But he is.

Eben Britton
6. Eben Britton Arizona
6'6" 309 5.14

He has an excellent frame with good natural strength to it. He has solid technique and understands that he needs to play to the whistle. He's solid in the run game and can move his opponent at present. He's got football smarts and he can become a leader on the offensive line.

But if you want Britton to play on the left side of the line? There are problems with that logic. A speed rusher can handle him. He has average lateral mobility and a slow kickslide. He struggles to adjust to the inside countermoves as well as getting to the second level. And he does have a problem rising out of his stance.

There is not much sex appeal to Eben. He's a solid run blocker straight away. But he's lacking something in his pass pro skills. I'm not saying a team at the end of Round 1 beginning of Round 2 won't get an instant starter? I am just saying that he may need a new position to be a good pro.

#79 Phil Loadholt   *OL*
7. Phil Loadholt Oklahoma
6'8" 332 5.49

His size is uncoachable. He has a massive wingspan and great power. And he plays with a mean streak that you want. He can run block you to the ground. He also has decent range and athleticism, especially for a big man. Upside? He has it.

But you are not getting a left tackle here. Speed rushers kill him. And as espected for a man his size, he loses his leverage from time to time. The mental game is something that has eluded him as well (Marginal awareness, tendecy to get false starts, stunts and twists can catch him off guard). There are character concerns for him as well.

The thing about Loadholt? Most of his weaknesses can be honed. A good offensive line coach can get a lot out of him. That being said? He's very likely going to have to flip to the power side of the line to get success as a pro.

Jamon Meredith
8. Jamon Meredith South Carolina
6'5" 304 4.99

Remember when I said Jason Smith arguably had the best quickness and agility of someone who would likely get drafted on Day 1? That's because the Michael Jackson Noise is likely to be a second rounder. And if he goes up against a speed rusher? He wins with smarts, fast feet, and solid range. He can get to the second level, and he can prject inside and use his pull skills to his advantage.

But if you ask him to go big on big? No luck here. Poor hand use and a weak punch lead the way to no initial push. He doesn't have that killer instinct that many great lineman have. He doesn't have great awareness either. If you do not have a zone blocking scheme? He's not going to fit.

There is a lot to like about Meredith. There's also a lot to hate. Is he a good fit for a team that leans on zone running while they have a pass/run balance of something like 58/42? Yes. But that is a very specific fit. You may see him overdrafted, and you may see him slide. He's either going to be a solid left tackle, or the soft label that some teams have on him is going to stick.

Honorable Mention?
1. Troy Kropog Tulane (Raw skills, but a patient coach could cull a good starter by year 2-year 3.)
2. Gerald Cadogan Penn State (The big school Troy Kropog.)
3. Fenuki Tenopu Oregon (A straight mauler.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

In Which My Undying Idealism Gets Stabbed Again...

[Warning: I get very bloggy, and I get political. Leave now if you don't want to be annoyed]

I should have fucking seen being disappointed coming. Barack Obama has just cemented the fact that we will torture again. We will find people that the ruling party disagrees with, and we will torture again. A lack of punishment in government for governmental political crimes cements something worse.

Watergate begat Bush. World War I begat World War II. And this is going to lead to something worse down the road. We cannot look forward until we exorcize the demons. It is not retribution. It is necessary and it is proper. If you are ordered to do something wrong you should face the consequences.

We have vultures from the Bush administration circling around. And the Republican party, despite it’s reactionary kant, will find its way out of the weeds. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz saw what happened with Watergate. Imagine what someone will do with the opportunity the Obama administration is trying to make.

They say that torture is dead as an American policy. And even if you give them the benefit of the doubt on that one. That leaves a simple and obvious question.

What’s to stop the next administration from giving torture the rebirth?

The 10 receivers you want your team to take on Day 2

There really is a lot of pass-catching talent in this years draft. I mean this sincerely. A team that thinks it has good receiver depth is missing out on something special this year. I will bring you ten talents, two for every round.

And as a twist? No Ramses Barden on the list.

Round 3
Mike Thomas-Arizona:
While he is shorter than you would like, he does have a very tasty skill set. His timed speed is spectacular (4.30). And he uses it excellently in his return game. On short routes? Thomas is also dangerous. Don't expect him to be a Steve Smith-type as a deep threat, but as a Wes Welker? Life is good.

Jarrett Dillard-Rice: He does not have the timed speed that blows you away. But if you throw it anywhere near him, he can get it. He has great hands and an amazing catch radius. He will use his 42 inch vertical to catch the ball at it's highest point. He's a high character guy who will get the most out of his solid athleticism.

Round 4
Brandon Tate-North Carolina:
Brandon Tate would have been a Round 1 pick if his knee didn't get all tore up. He has the return skills to scare the fuck out of opposing teams for a season before they decide to kick the ball away from him. But he also brings good hands and a solid run after the catch ability. He may grade at this round, but he may not stay there.

Austin Collie-BYU: If you're looking for a solid #2 receiver a.k.a. a complement for the home run hitter? Here you go. His two big skills are his hands of glue and his ability to run routes. His speed isn't great, but that being said? He's smart enough to learn how to use his skills to his advantage on the next level.

Round 5
Johnny Knox-Abeliene Christian: You have a guy with great deep speed, solid athleticism, and good body control. Sure, a part of it was being in a superpowered offense, and you have to make a move up three levels of talent. He also will have some trouble getting off the line. But a 4.29 40-time, solid quickness, and a solid catch radius? You can build on it.

Mike Wallace-Ole Miss: And while Johnny Knox is fast? Mike Wallace is faster. But here's the thing. He has a reputation as a track guy, yeah? It's a lie. He has excellent hands and he will go over the middle as well as deep. His game is somewhat raw, but the patient coach will find a stud.

Round 6
Dominique Edison-Stephen F. Austin:
The triangle numbers alone will get him a look (6'3" 209 4.45), but he has more that he brings to the table. He has the vertical separation that will get him on a roster. He has the soft hands and leaping ability that can make him a contributor. And if you are patient? You will get yourself a starter.

Deon Butler-Penn State: Now if I didn't limit myself to two sleepers per round, maybe I would pick a Brandon Gibson or an Aaron Kelly. But I'm not saying that to hate on Butler. Butler has explosive wheels and athleticism. His hands are reliable, and he has the grit and determination to run over the middle. So while his profile may grade as a #3 slot receiver? I think he can start.

Round 7
Sammie Stroughter-Oregon State:
He plays faster than his 40 time. He catches the ball in space? He becomes a running back, he can make people miss. He runs great routes and he can catch anything near him. He has grit and guts, and while you will draft him as a special teamer? He has a chance to start.

Dudley Guice-Northwestern State: This is how you know you have found a good source of draft knowledge. They list Dudley Guice as a sleeper. He killed the Texas vs. the Nation game. He's 6'3" 209, runs a 4.4 40. He has long arms and an impressive catch radius. He has soft hands and can generate good spearation. Is he the next Marques Colston? You're goddamn right he is.

I probably am missing a name or three off the list outside of Ramses. And you know what? That's okay. This is a class of draggers, and there could be 20-25 great contributors who can be culled from this class.

God love the passing game.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Ballad of Nate Davis

I’ll be honest. There are moments where I want to be the douchey columnist. I want to say, Nate Davis shouldn’t have gone and declared himself a pro. But you know what?

I can’t. The logic was infallible. Was his value never going to be higher? Damn right. Was he going to have to learn a new offense as a senior? Yes. Did he lose the coach that made him what sort of a prospect that he was. Absolutely.

He needed to move up, because despite his two last games? He was never going to be as good as he was as a junior. But then the problems set in.

One, his style is unorthodox. He doesn’t grip the laces, and his throwing motion does not follow the archetype. Two? The learning disability. It’s become overblown, and the wonderlic may have some form of a cultural bias (not to mention Donovan McNabb and Dan Marino botched it). But this means he wasn’t going to be an instant starter.

But you know what? The skills he has haven’t faded. And there is no way that if he gets a fair shot he cannot be a good quarterback. The shame of it?

I don’t think he’s going to get a fair shot.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jason Peters to Philadelphia?

I have one word and two syllables for Philly on this one. Steal.

An above average left tackle for the 28th pick, a 4 and a mid round pick for 2010? Really. Hell of a move. They don’t kill their pick depth. They get solid protection for McNabb. And?

They can still be in the market for Boldin. The #21 and a 3 would probably be the best offer Arizona will get for Boldin. And they can use the #2 for Donald Brown purposes.

Sidebar. It’s kind of weird that you don’t seem to have a deal where it seems as if both sides were equal. Cassell for an early number #2? Chiefs seems to have stole that. Cutler for Orton and Picks? Denver seems to have stolen that. And now Jason Peters is a left tackle for a team that’s once piece away from glory.



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do not send me a picture of R.J. Swindle...

For you will tear apart the dreams of a 336 month old boy. For when I look at the Brewers recent call-up, I see visions of a young Brad Leland complete with the muttonchops of the American Chopper dad. He has thunder in his left arm and a damsel he's about to tie to the train tracks in his right.

He is the cult hero the Brewers need to nullify the bad start, or at the very least? Get me hope for when the magic of the Huntsville 5.5 finally reach the Bigs. Every good team needs a cult hero, and with the magic of High Chief Swindle...

The Brewers have theirs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Man, I try and defend the NFL...

But when you have a two hour special on ESPN to break down the fucking schedule? That's just indefensible. Who cares about a schedule being released? Nobody. 
And yet? It expands from the crappy club for jerks into something that bothers my television watching. Because everybody is supposed to care about every little aspect of  this league, right? My once tag-team partner is beyond disillusioned about the NFL.
And because of these minor things that deserve all of our attention. Right, the NFL expands the brand. I know, I know. I'm the guy standing and yelling at the absolute last aspect of the NFL that it's doing up beyond all rational logic. Some of you are sick of me and my draft preview. I get that.
But I now understand, don't you see? I now know that the NFL is beyond overexposed. I know that there will come a backlash to the NFL at some point. Not to say that I do not love draft day.
But as a monolthic corporate entity, you are treading real fucking thin. Stern wouldn't even consider this. And if the Vince McMahon of the Big four wouldn't do it? Do you really think it's a good idea?
I thought so, people who answered my rhetorical question. 

Day 1 Draft Breakdown...Defensive Ends (and convertibles)

Brown, Everette
1. Everette Brown Florida State
6'2" 256 4.65

There are two sorts of value that NFL teams will overpay for. One is someone who can play left tackle. The other is for pass-rush ability. And Everette is definitely someone with pass rush skills that rival any prospect this decade. His burst is solid. His moves are spectacular. And when he sees a clear path to the target? He finishes the job.

That being said? If he is to be converted? There will be a curve. His instincts leave something to be desired, even if he has the athleticism to overcome it. And his coverage skills are essentially in drills and pro day. You don't know what he's going to do in game speed.

However? Pass rush skills are good as gold. Any comparison to Dwight Freeney isn't exactly accurate. But you know what? He's a lot more likely to be 85% of Freeney than 15% more than Jamal Reynolds. Believe in it.

Brian Orakpo
2. Brian Orakpo Texas
6'3" 263 4.63

I may not think Brian Orakpo is for everybody, but there is a lot to like about the experience. One, he has the best power of all the Defensive End Convertibles. Two, he also brings a solid array of pass rushing moves. Three, he has a great motor and can hold up at the point of attack on the run.

But here's the deal. He will be a bad 3-4 Linebacker. He does not have a great first step. He has straight line speed, but it's build-up speed. He is stiff and uncomfortable in coverage. And he is not consistent at the point of attack, he does have a narrow frame. Which means, what we've got here is a chance of a tweener.

It's a shaky proposition for the team that drafts Orakpo. I don't think it won't be for a lack of trying if Brian does not hit the big time. He came up big as a senior and it won't mean he'll coast as pro. He's not without some tweener risk, but you aren't going to get a bust here.

Aaron Maybin
3. Aaron Maybin Penn State
6'4" 249 4.78

Remember KGB when he came out? Aaron Maybin is kind of like that. I'll explain. While his timed speed isn't that great? He has a great burst. And he comes with pass rushing moves that rival the best of the skilled. Solid moves, great agility and body control, and he closes like a beast. Get him going and he can get 3 sacks.

But he does not bring much else to the table. He can get shoved off the POA. His instincts and awareness leave something to be desired. And a 250 pound defensive lineman without something else to bring to the table is definitely miscast as a 4-3 defensive end.

Now, I'm not one to take a look at pro fails at a position. Like Tyson Jackson, recent program history does not bode well for Maybin. He's raw, he's a mix of one great strength and multiple weaknesses. Right now, you will be way overpaying for him where his value is perceived. You can get Clint Sintim or Lawrence Sidbury in round 2. He may turn out to be a new Gbaja-Bilamila, but as a Top 15 pick? No. Bad news bears.

Tyson Jackson
4. Tyson Jackson Louisiana State
6'4" 296 4.94

The power of Tyson Jackson is undeniable. He has long arms and giant hands that allow him to use his power when his game is going right. He can hold POA when he's going up against a run. He is tough enough and he can last as a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 Defensive end. He's not sexy, but he is a beast.

But he is a beast with problems. His instincts and awareness is marginal. He has an inconsistent motor. He may hold up at the point of attack, but if you're facing a zone blocking scheme? You need to shed your opponent and Jackson cannot. He's not going to go for 10 sacks either.

Now, I am not one to make claims based on a programs history. Not unless there's reason to believe there's comprable similarities. And like Marcus Spears and Marquise Hill, Jackson has a similar vibe to him. Amazing strength to be sure. But they are missing enough from the table that the team will be disappointed in when they draft him.

Jarron Gilbert
5. Jarron Gilbert San Jose State
6'5" 288 4.81

No player has been as fast of a riser as Jarron Gilbert. And it is not without justification. He has superb quickness for a player his size. And he has excellent power. Add to that large hands and good balance and body control? You have someone who deserves his rise from the third round to potentially on the fringes of the Top 20.

But he is not without concerns. He is an imperfect technician, but he can learn things like proper hand use and leverage. That will allow him to be better at shedding blocks. The issue that is a real concern? Gilbert's motor is inconsistent. It can show, but it doesn't happen every day.

But the rise is legitimate. He's not a YouTube video. Not by a longshot. He's not a polished product by any sense of the word, but that being said? If he falls into Round 2, some team is going to be thrilled. Just thrilled.

Connor Barwin
6. Connor Barwin Cincinnati
6'2" 256 4.59

Some coach is going to love this pick. His athleticism is spectacular. He has great speed with an explosive first step. He has great body control and agility. And for someone with little experience, he has instincts and awareness for the defensive side of the ball. He'll be great on special teams as well.

But there's a certain problem. Obviously, for somebody who had one season as a defensive end and may be moving into a 3-4 linebackers slot? His defense is raw. His pass rush moves are limited, and he can be run at. He also needs to get physically stronger.

Now the comparison here is obvious. He's a Mike Vrabel type. A lot more raw than your standard issue Mike Vrabel, but the upside is spectacular. But as Mike Vrabel became an outside linebacker with pass-catching skills. There is a shot that Barwin becomes a tight end that could generate 5 to 8 sacks in a season.

Robert Ayers
7. Robert Ayers Tennessee
6'3" 272 4.77

He's a solidly built defensive end with good athleticism. He has a good burst and his balance and body control are well-honed skills as well. He has shown an ability to shed and redirect blockers. He can hold at the point of attack, and he is a solid tackler.

But he does not have a consistent motor. He does not have great timed speed, and his explosiveness is marginal. And if you want a run-stopper as a defensive end? You want someone with better instincts and awareness. And he will not generate sacks if he maintains his present amount of skill.

If you go based on his career? His Day 1 prospect status is dubious at best. But with his solid physicality and big Senior Bowl? It will likely happen. However? His game is not special, and if you take him in round 2? I am willing to wager you may be disappointed.

Michael Johnson
8. Michael Johnson Georgia Tech
6'7" 266 4.69

The dreamer will love Michael Johnson. He has the frame of a Stacey Augmon (which means long and lanky with an ability to disrupt passing lanes). His athleticism is special. Great speed, great agility, great ups, great burst. As a pass rusher? He can put the fear of God into an offensive coordinator.

But the question is? Does he want this. His motor runs cold and cold. He has very poor insctints and awareness. You can run your run game right through his spot. And average offensive linemen can shut him down if he's not feeling up to it.

On body alone? Michael Johnson is a top five pick. But the fact that even Mel Kiper thinks he's unworthy of a first round pick shows that there's real concern about the brain. I'm not saying a good defensive coordinator can't make success with him? I'm only saying he's going to need to go to a good home, because there's a disconnect between potential and skills.

Paul Kruger
9. Paul Kruger Utah
6'4" 263 4.83

Kruger does not have one aspect of his game that he's dominant in outside of motor, but he has a lot of solid in his style. Athleticism, he's solid. Balance and body control? Solid. Power? Solid. Hand use? Solid. See, you get my point.

But there are concerns. He doesn't have great speed and the hip flipability to convert to a 3-4 OLB. He has short arms, which mean a lineman can get him. Also? He does not have great leverage. Also, he is a bit overaged and injury prone with a lack of experience.

There's something to be said for being solid in many aspects of your game. He has solid physical tools and while his technique is raw? His motor will allow him to hang in at the start of his career while he polishes his game. As a 2nd rounder, he's a fine pick, but his lack of sexy may drop him to the third. And that would make him great value.

Lawrence Sidbury
10. Lawrence Sidbury Jr. Richmond
6'3" 266 4.53

With the triangle numbers? You know that Sidbury has superb athleticism. He has a first step and burst for the pass rush. He also has the hands and arms to avoid getting a lineman into his chest. He also has great mobility and range. And as last years 1-AA National Championship showed? He plays big in the big games.

That being said? He doesn't always play to his timed speed. And he is an inch or two shorter than what you want for the defensive end position. He does not have much to a power game, and if a lineman does get his hands on him? There's not much chance Sidbury will shed.

However? While he is a little bit of a workout warrior, there's no reason to be disappointed if your team drafts him. He has a great motor, great athleticism, and his spin move is restaurant quality. His mobility and range mean he could be a solid 3-4 OLB, but he could Elvis Dumervil himself as an official 4-3 DE.

larry english
11. Larry English Northern Illinois
6'2" 255 4.82

Am I underrating Larry English? It is entirely possible. He has a high-powered motor and a nice array of pass-rushing moves. He blows people up when he hits them. He has good strength, and he's not a guaranteed loss at the point of attack if he's facing down a double team.

The problem? He does not look like he can translate to a 3-4 OLB. He has stiff hips and meager instincts in coverage. He does not have good time speed, and in space he does look lost. Also? A torn pec, an ankle injury, a torn ACL, and a broken hand does not bode well on the injury history question.

I just get the sense that he doesn't have the frame to get himself to 270 pounds and stay with his athleticism. I mean, he does have heart. He does have power. But if you draft him as another Anthony Spencer type, you just don't see the flaws of Larry English.

Time considerations don't allow me to post the day 2 dudes I like. But two more positions to come.

Monday, April 13, 2009

So after I left my twitter feed...

I know when last I left you in the blog world I had the man three or four bloggers on twitter dubbed K fucking P already wearing the green jacket. Well, all I have to say to you is that it seemed like a safe bet and your boy had real life to get to. But that's just it. Winning a golf tournament, let alone a major, is really hard to do. You have to make somewhere between 270-280 good repeatable swings.

And you must always be closing. A birdie on the doorstep means you find yourself letting people back in. Perry left one a mere quarter's length away. That would have won him the tournament. Phil had a scenario where he hits the green on twelve, and makes his putts on 14, 15, or 17. That gets him to -13. Cabrera could have run away with it as well.

But after a certain point, it becomes more about the mental game than the scoring game. And it just so happened that Kenny Perry couldn't cool out as well as Angel Cabrera could knuckle up. Cabrera is a grinder. And he deserves to be the most famous golfer in South America.

And in other news? I was so close to hitting the top 3 dead on. And unlike Bill Plaschke, I was able to tell you that mine was not a bold prediction.

You're welcome.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who will move on moving day.

The third round of the Masters is always when the wheat and chaff go their seperate ways. Now, I know everything. Not really, but I saw today's golf among the awkwardness of having my first and middle names shared by the degenerate who killed Adenhart and then joy of the Brewers winning in the 9th.

So who will move? I will tell you.

Chad Campbell: Every three years, Chad Campbell gets a top 3. (2003 PGA, 2006 Masters.) He seems switched on. If he loses out on a top 3 this year, it will be a bad weekend.
Kenny Perry: Five top tens, one championship for Perry this year so far. Ten top tens and four wins since June 1st last year. Nothing on this sort of stage, but Kenny Perry is hot.
Angel Cabrera: He's had a good history of solid Masters preformances. When he's on, he's shown himself to be a consistent player. He throws another 68 down? You have to like his odds on getting the green jacket.
Todd Hamilton: This will be like Ben Curtis in last year's PGA Championship. I see a valiant effort that falls just short on Sunday. He will prove himself not a fluke.
Tim Clark: I want to discount him, but you can't completely discount him. He did spend 2006 on the fringes of contention throughout the Masters. He may not win? But he won't be shook off of the leaderboard.
Anthony Kim: You're reticent to say yes he can. He dropped a 65 today. But he has run some 66-66, 66-67's in two rounds in a row. You're ready to discount him, but don't.
Rory Sabbatini: Nah. He does have a tie for second in 2007 to his credit, but that was on a Sunday after being four shots back. Also, he's a dick.
Shingo Katayama: The sartorial splender has led to one. One top five finish in a major! Ah ah ah! Seriously, sweet hat dude.
Jim Furyk: He scuffled badly on the back 9 today. But anyone who has been in contention for multiple US Open's has the mental toughness to overcome such mishagoes.
Sergio Garcia: As much as it would be hilarious for Taylor Made to lose out on so much money if he gets the green jacket, it likely won't happen. He can break out a 66 on Saturday, but then Sunday would be a problem.
Steve Stricker: Stricker has had a history of being on the fringes and cusps of contention on the final day of many majors. And then he falls off the cliff. Let him go.
Hunter Mahan: Every year in every major, someone has an awesome first day and then falls off the cliff. Meet the guy to completely disregard.
Nick Watney: Three top fives this season. He may not be able to put up a 67, but if the pack starts falling? He can sneak in and take advantage.
Stephen Ames: Never really a man who's finished strong at the Masters. Last year a similar start birthed a 75-75 finish. I can see it happening again.
Henrik Stenson: Finished third last week, two top fives in his last two majors. But he's 6 back. It's a bridge too far.
Geoff Ogilvy: Ogilvy plays big in big tournaments. But he wins when everybody falls back to the pack. Thus, I can't see him make a big move forward.
Vijay Singh: Yeah, Vijay Singh can roll out with a 66. And his worst finish this decade in Agusta was a tie for 18th place. But he's not a guy who's going to steal the Masters. He's 46 for fuck sake.
Phil Mickelson: He went crazy on the back 9. He has three top 10's in his last four tournaments. I'm not saying Lefty will be hefty. But don't be surprised if he rolls up on you with 68-68. May not be enough, but he'll be all ESPN talks abouts.
John Merrick: The Elephant man has the smell of a journeyman on him. Not to say that he can't climb the leaderboard, but a 74 off a 68 doesn't make me feel to confident about it.
Aaron Baddeley: Baddeley does not have the stench of journeyman on him. But the tools have not coalesced into skills just quite yet. And a 74 off a 68? Bad juju.
Graeme McDowell: Six bogeys on the back nine preclude a limit on just how far and how fast they can move. Thanks for playing.
Tiger Woods: Obviously, he can break out a 64 and change everything. But when his precision seems off, it doesn't happen. So not this year.
Sandy Lyle: Nice run today, but he's not going to be worth CBS' time or inclination. He's over 50. They can't catch lightning in a bottle.
Dustin Johnson: Now, I admit he looks like a generic golfer generated for people to lazy to create their own freak on Tiger Woods. But he has good tools. It doesn't look like he'll come close. But never mind the bollocks.
Lee Westwood: Westwood is a grinder. He won't get phased if he hits a double bogey. But he's not exactly the sort of guy who can break out a 64 and change everything. Top 20. Top 10 maybe, but he won't be on the cusp of the green jacket.
Padraig Harrington: He got a stroke of bad luck on 16, and whether or not you believe in the validity of the ruling, it affected him. He can bounce back. And if he is three shots back? Watch out.
Camilo Villegas: The odds are long. But Villegas has had the once a month performance where he hits the top 5. That's what I'd expect later. It's too far for him.

So who wins? Here's my top 5.

1. Kenny Perry
2. Angel Cabrera
3. Chad Campbell
4. Anthony Kim
5. Todd Hamilton and Tim Clark in a tie.

So yeah. Kind of boring right?



Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's always a hell of a thing...

When someone who seems to be on the cusp of realizing his potential gets cut down in his prime. I know, potential is something of a dirty word. And when you are in a line of work where the slightest thing changes you can lose your way. The real world is just something that only proves to be an inconvenience at best.

Now I'm not going to say that Nick Adenhart was going to be the next Cy Young Award winner. But he was the number one prospect in the entire Angels organization. He had a chance to be something spectacular. Now? He's just another person in the would have been file. Struck down because a loser decided he couldn't call a cab.

Others will talk about this in comparison to Donte Stallworth, because he's the famous answer to Andrew Gallo in drunk driving. Some may even bring up the sidebar of just how much tragedy the Angels organization has had to deal with (and it is quite a lot, google Lyman Bostock if you want a start on it). But you know what, this case is simple.

A 22 year-old who had the world on a string and was ready to become something special on the baseball field is dead because of a degenerate. And that's a damned tragedy. Learn a lesson from it. Or at the very least, pray for the Adenhart family. They deserve it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 1 Draft Breakdown...Cornerbacks

In the defensive backfield. There's Malcolm Jenkins and everybody else at corner. The second corner off the board could be Sean Smith. It could be Darius Butler. There's depth. And a lot of it? The question is, just how quality is this depth?

malcolm jenkins Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Malcolm Jenkins - Ohio St.
(6'1" 201 4.51)

He's a physical, attacking corner. He jams well on the line and he attacks like a safety on the blitz or in run support. And yes, his 40-time is not great. But look at the film. He stays with the burners, and he has the agility not to get lost on a double move. And if he gets an opportunity? He gets the ball.

The problem? If he's drafted as a safety? His game does not have nearly enough polish. He can get blocked by a receiver in the running game. His tackling is inconsistent. And he hasn't been the guy who gets challenged. He does seem to have a good head on his shoulders, but can his swagger be dented?

But most of this is based on needing a paragraph of weaknesses. He brings a lot to the table and I do think he can overcome the challenges of being on an island. He's not nearly as much of a safe choice as an Aaron Curry. But he's 85% likely to be good.

Vontae Davis Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Vontae Davis - Illinois
(6'0" 205 4.40)

If the light turns on? Vontae has a shot at closing down one-half of the field. He has the timed speed. He has the necessary loose hips to turn and run. He has the aggression and frame to seperate the ball from the ballcarrier. At his best? He makes big, spectacular plays as a returner and cornerback.

But he is the brother of Vernon. And as such? Vontae has some real problems. One, he gets caught looking into the backfield. This means he can get torched. He will also drop a sure pick or two along the way. And he does have some certain character issues (e.g., last seasons benching by the Zooker)

But you know what? He's got a chance to be good in a primarily zone system. If you get him in a system where he can read the action. He'll be fine. He can use his athleticism to be great. I'm just saying. He would be lucky if he finds himself in a Cover 2 system.

Darius Butler

3. Darius Butler - Connecticut
(5'9" 192 4.41)

Darius Butler has a nice set of skills for the team that drafts him. He has the athleticism that will allow him to shut down plenty of receivers. He will kill you if you run slants his way. He can also be a good zone corner, as he has the agility and straight line speed to close.

The weakness? Obviously, size is one of them. A physical receiver is going to have a strong chance to have a good day against Darius. Also, he's willing to get his head in, but he's more of a duck and swipe tackler. He also has an odd problem with giving up yards after the catch.

Darius has an excellent chance to make UConn history. He has good instincts and the heart of a lion. He may not be the one you want versus a big and physical receiver straight away, but he will give his hearts and guts to the game. There's a lot to like here.

Sean Smith Pictures, Images and Photos

4. Sean Smith - Utah
(6'3" 210 4.50)

The triangle is what makes him so intriguing. By far, he is the tallest prospect with wheels that actually make him a viable second cornerback off the board on upside alone. But this is a man with skills. He can keep himself around the ball and close on a route in zone. He can press like a beast as well.

The problem? He's a tweener. He played mostly safety in college. He does have corner skills, it goes without saying. But he is a lot more upside than polish at this point. Another year may have brought him more money.

But that's not to say he can't be Bobby Taylor for the better part of a decade. He's got the size and agression to destroy smaller receivers on the jam and the awareness and hands to play ballhawk. He has all the tools to be great. Even if somebody likes him enough to be a first round pick? They'll get good value.

Alphonso Smith Pictures, Images and Photos

5. Alphonso Smith - Wake Forest
(5'9" 190 4.47)

He's a tailor-made cornerback. He has balance coming in and out of the breaks. He has an excellent backpedal and smooth hips for him to turn and run with. He trusts his instincts and can stay with receivers anywhere down the field. This allows him to make plays.

That being said? He does not have the tailor made body. He can be posted up as he tries to go up against a big receiver. You will not get a jam out of him by any stretch of the imagination. And never mind the bollocks of run support.

Cut .05 off his 40-time and give him two inches? And he would be the top cornerback. He does have a future as a second corner slash Aaron Glenn type. But he will not be your shut down half the field corner.

D.J. Moore

6. D.J. Moore - Vanderbilt
(5'10" 185 4.56)

His athleticism is something spectacular. He can atay with many receivers despite the timed speed. His cover techniques are tight and his ability to close is good as well. And he did develop himself in the single greatest football conference in America or the World! Okay, seriously, he has that Leodis McKelvin sort of special teams gift to him.

The problem? Whereas corners like Darius Butler and Alphonso Smith are willing to stick their head in there and make the play? Moore is stricktly a finesse cornerback. He has the frame to get stronger, but the other aspects of defense beyond coverage and ballhawking are foreign.

That's not to say he may not have a long career as a cover corner on the smaller opponent. He has a certain old school Terrell Buckley vibe. A team that expects him to cover the Cardinals may find him lacking. But he has a pro future and he should be able to come correct and come quickly.

Quan Crosby & Coye Francies Pictures, Images and Photos

7. Coye Francies - San Jose State
(6'0" 185 4.63)

I know after his last pro day, Francies may slip into Day 2. But the fact of the matter is that there is a lot to like about Francies. First off? Never mind the 40-time. He has the agility to stay with most receivers and the awareness and quickness to find himself rarely out of position. Second off? He's a ballhawk. He has long arms and knows how to high point the ball. Third off? He can deliver run support.

He does have a bit of inexperience as a pro, with only a little over a season's worth of starts. He is a little bit skinny in the lower body. That could lead to a problem down the road. And while you have to like his willingness to press, he does have the potential to develop a problem with it in the pros.

Coye reminds me of a player that gets my homer juices flowing. A bad thing? Not by a longshot. He has the physical frame and game that reminds me of Al Harris. Sure, his prime was truncated because he was behind Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor. But Francies can start quickly. And he has a shot to be great.

Jairus Byrd Pictures, Images and Photos

8. Jairus Byrd - Oregon
(6'0" 205 4.67)

What he has? He has fearlessness, and a certain physicality. He can stick his head in there and make the play. In zone? He's rangy and can make ballhawking plays. He has the instincts and technique to stay at corner.

I know, if you've been reading up on me, I've been one who said that you don't need to worry about the 40-time. Here? Film and shuttle drills show that his speed is a real problem. If you run a man scheme? He may stuggle. If you ask him to play Steve Smith? He will struggle.

But there are some teams that would love him if they draft him. He is a bit of a tweener, and a move to safety is not something of a guarantee. But any team that would look for a Cover 2 corner? He may be a taller Nathan Vasher. But that 40-time is scary looking.

asher allen Pictures, Images and Photos

9. Asher Allen - Georgia
(5'10" 194 4.48)

He has a purity of cover corner spirit. He has great technique. His 40-time isn't the only piece of his athleticism pie. He will make good breaks on the ball? And if you're looking for a rookie to burn? Asher Allen will not be toast.

But that being said? For someone who isn't physical, you want someone who's just a little bit bigger. He does have a lot of technique skill, but he still has a bit of inexperience and could use more reps. He's also not a spectacular ballhawk. You won't see very many big plays here.

But that being said? He's not a man who you should look crossly upon if he gets drafted to your team. He's ready to cover from the get go. You won't get the sizzle with Asher Allen, but you sure as heck will get the steak.

And if you want five good Day 2 values?

1. Macho Harris (Jairus Byrd type with a worse 40-time, but better quickness.)
2. Christopher Owens (Plays big and plays aggressive.)
3. Mike Mickens (An experienced ballhawk who closes like he's an ace.)
4. Cary Harris (A solid veteran with power in his instincts and his cover skills.)
5. Joe Burnett (Quickness, return skills, ball skills, and sharp instincts. Never mind his 40-time. The team in the fifth round will get a starter here/)