Friday, July 18, 2008

According to Gilbert Arenas...

Nobody likes Milwaukee. Nobody wants to play in Milwaukee. Every NBA player hates Milwaukee. Well tell that to Malik Allen!

That's right! We got Malik Allen y'all!

I know, it's a joke. He's a high energy tall dude, but he's not the reason why I'm talking here at 5 a.m. Oddly enough?

Tyronn Lue is. Now, if you had a choice between Miami, Phoenix, and Milwaukee? Why would you choose Milwaukee if you thought it was a piece of shit. You're not gonna start. You're not gonna be on a great team.

Hell, some of us remember Ramon Sessions' April and may not like Tyronn for his stopgappery. But clearly, he decided to avoid two potwntially amazing places to live just so he could be a back-up in Milwaukee.

Gilbert Arenas is still a major league asshole. I hope we buzzer beat the Wiz repeatedly.

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