Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yeah. Eric Gagne. He pitched today.

And he pitched a scoreless 8th. But if you don't think what happened in the 9th can be blamed on him? I say thee nay.

The Brewers were 21-24 in the initial run of games Eric Gagne pitched. There were seven blown leads. Seven blown saves. At least five games that a competent pitcher would have shut the door with. Rumors of a fired Ned Yost abound.

But then Eric Gagne had the sense to get hurt. And suddenly? The Brewers got rolling. 25-14. There was bullpen pain of the Guillermo Mota variety. But none of that was in a, hey we're leading in the 9th but I suck, let's throw that 89-MPH fastball for a strike.

Not like today. Today broke the seal. Now the Brewers bullpen sucks again.

They couldn't just eat the salary like he was Jeffery Hammonds and now the Brewers are fucked. We're gonna become the seven seconds or less of baseball? Are we?


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