Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apparently, Jason Bay is a Ray to stay...

The D-Rays went out and got themselves a pretty good power bat in former Pittsburgh Pirate Jason Bay. Apparently. And they didn't overpay. Reid Brignac is a solid defender, but an OPS of .728 in AAA means Jack Wilson could be a better player at this moment. Jeff Niemann is 6'9" and would go into the Pirates rotation instantly.

On a smaller scale, it's like the Brewers trading for legitimacy. Jason Bay is 30 homer power. Jason Bay is protection for Longoria and runs for Upton. And in a world where the Yankees got better for cheap. It was a deal the Rays had to make.

And it will likely work out.

Or's contradicting itself. Brignac may not be available.

And after the deadline, the Manny rumors may be back on...

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