Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fuck a duck that series sucked.

While I've hated the average Cub fan for the past few years, I'm man enough to know when a talented team is rolling. And the Cubbies deserved to get the sweep. Ted Lilly outpitched Sabathia for fucks sake.

But the fucking Cardinals are back in the Wild Card lead. Really. The Cubs kicked so much ass that the Tony LaRussa led batch of scrubs and assholes are back in the playoff lead. I know, right?

But yeah, suicidal tendencies in a blogger are unbecoming. I get it. The Cubs are good, and the Brewers played like shit this time around. but you know what? The Brewers have 27 games in August. 22 are against teams under .500. This series was a bust and Brewers fan is going to have to eat crow.

But the Brewers are far from dead. Sabathia and Sheets go again this weekend. Redemption is only three games away.

The Crew shall return. This has been a crazy race, and we'll be in it to the end.

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