Saturday, July 26, 2008

A brawl? At a wrestler's home? What?

This, my friends, is The Sandman. He is a Pro Wrestler. He is one of the dudes who killed himself in the Mid-1990's for an indie wrestling outfit known as ECW. His gimmick? A drunken badass.

So, dear friends. My question to you. What if I told you he lives his gimmick? Not interested? Okay.

What if I told you he was living his gimmick at a high falutin' gathering in Yonkers? Still not interested? Okay. Fine.

But what if I told you the party was in honor of this man...

That's right. It was a drunken disorderly smackdown at the Home of Capatin Lou Albano! And you know what else kids?

We've got video footage.

Truly, this is American Pop Culture at its finest.

You're welcome.

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