Monday, July 7, 2008

C.C. Built my Hotrod.

This is literally Christmas in July for Brewer fans. Heck, I'll go as far to say that the great state of Wisconsin just got itself a reason to live. Really. The Brewers strode up to the big boy table and got themselves a Cy Young Award winner all by themselves.

Did they overpay? Yes. While the pitching is likely ballast, Matt LaPorta is the truth. Is Sabathia gone by the end of 2008? Likely.

But none of that matters. I may be marking out like a puberal fanboy in regards to his first Comic-Con Booth Babe, but I'll offer you context. In 1982, the Brewers lost a hard-fought series to the Cardinals. Guess how may other teams have made the playoffs since?

All but one. And the Brewers don't even have the what if scenario that the ExpoNationals had in the tragedy that was 1994. Our history can be boiled down into 1982, a win streak, and Pat Listach. Not to say that the Brewers have been incessantly bad? But the mediocre don't make history. And consistency at a 75-87 level gets you nowhere.

This means Sabathia is under minimal pressure for a merc. Getting there will be the hard part. Anything beyond the Wild Card round will be gravy. And he'll get his desired 20+ million a year.

And if he gets Milwaukee a ring? We will love him even if he never makes another visit to Milwaukee.

I'll be honest. By 2012? This trade may look really stupid. If the Brewers don't make it to the NLCS or worse yet, if they miss the playoffs? Matt LaPorta becomes our Jeff Bagwell. But that's down the road. Leave the whys and wherefores for when they come.

Today's about basking in the glow. My baseball team's taking a shot at glory. My baseball team's renting a superstar. This is Andrew's manic pop thrill.

Sabathia, Sheets, and Parra/Suppan. That's a playoff rotation that can make you break yourself.

Can you tell I'm in love with the world?

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