Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And suddenly? The LA Clippers are contenders.

Really. There are the usual caveats of health and well-being. I mean, I can figure that the Baron is going on the injured list. But now the Western Conference has a new combatant for the Western Conference title.

And it's the L.A. Clippers of basketball. Yeah. They do exist.

But Baron Davis took 5 years and 65 million dollars to join a re-upping for less money Elton Brand. And now the Clippers have 40% of a fantastical basketball line-up. Add to that Chris Kaman and the small forwardological magic that is Al Thornton? They have 80% of goodness.

Now Cuttino Mobley and Eric Gordon are kind of the same archetype. But if Gordon shows that his Mushmouthery can avoid the rookie wall, the undersized super-scorer 2 that has no defense won't be of any real concern. And if they can find a way to get Quinton Ross back? They're in great shape rotationally.

But they're the L.A. Clippers if basketball. They'll mess it up.

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