Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Way back in 1995...

Your humble host was a 9th grader. And in my 9th Grade Civics class, your humble host had a humble substitute teacher who loved hoop. Point of fact, we actually filled out an NCAA Bracket because I said Syracuse was making the final four. Not to say my bracket skills were heroic, but as context goes it's as good as any.

Because see? That year the Bucks had the #1 spot. And he wanted the Bucks to select Marcus Camby. And I felt that he was too undersized for the pros. And let's be honest, perhaps if he got bigger and stronger, he wouldn't have had that streak of getting taunted as a Mr. Glass.

But you know what? Marcus Camby is what he is. And what he is is quite good. He'll miss some time with an injury, but if it's 5 games instead of 30, that won't be a problem. Because when he sees the floor? His defense is spectacular. He will grab a lot of rebounds and block a lot of shots. And at the 4? He likely won't have to bang nearly as much as he would when he spends his time on the pivot.

And you know what? The Clippers stole the Cambyman. For a #2 pick in 2010, they get defensive sexy at the 4/5. It's not Elton Brand, but this means that the Clip Joint is not dead.

They've got themselves the dorky but cute girl equivalent of the 80's teen movie.

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