Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Day in the NBA...

Now many of you are busy with your other sports and lives to know about the NBA. And that's cool. Chuck Klosterman sat on his high horse rocking out to Wilco and telling you it's okay that you're not listening to the NBA.

So you know what? I'm gonna help you out. Tell you all you need to know about right now in the NBA.

1. Josh Childress and his afro to Greece?

There's an exodus of rotational NBA talent that's gone overseas. Now, Jorge Garbajosa was not unexpected. Bostan Nachbar fell through the cracks on a team in transistion. But Carlos Delfino is a solid NBA back-up swingman. And La Bomba was instant offense off the bench. And Josh Childress is a hybrid of retarded versatility.

But the Hawks have been mostly tragic since the days of Cleo Hill. And Mike Woodson's got Josh Smith to likely keep happy, and they've got plenty of other small forwards. Free Darko may riot. But he's as good as gone.

And as for the NBA? It looks like the world is making a dent. Tiago Splitter's reticence is merely a microchasm.

2. Carlos Boozer looking to extend?

Translation? He's going East at the 11th hour.

3. Marcus Williams to Golden State.

Proof positive that grading a draft in the afterglow is a fools errand. Mr. Williams was a steal when he was drafted. Now? Keyon Dooling is of greater value.

4. Let's make a deal?

There could be a crazy amount of movement between now and October. Luol Deng, Emeka Okeafor, Andre Iguodala, Shawn Marion, Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, and Ron Artest are just seven names of intrigue that could make these next few months something wild.

And if anybody wants a shot at Michael Redd? There's definitely an interested buyer.

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