Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Astros are Retarded...(You should already know Jim Bowden is too.)

A couple of trades went down today in the National League. I like to analyze these. And you know what? There's good value for one, and not so much in the other.

The Astros trade AAA SP Chad Reineke to the Padres for SP Randy Wolf...

This is a mistake and a half. One? You have a team with no chance of contention this season trading for a starter. Two? Randy Wolf's biggest highlight is still when he helped Snoop Dogg lead his team of Rockers past the Jocks in the final Rock and Jock Baseball game. I mean, he's injury prone with poor command. And three? Chad Reinke's pitched pretty solidly for Round Rock in the Pacific Coast League this year.

He may be 26, but he's got a great fastball and a good slider. He's got a future in the bullpen if PetCo doesn't show him love.

Yeah, it's not as bad as the Phillies overpaying for Blanton, but I'd bet Reineke the better pitcher from here on out.

The Arizona Diamondbacks trade 2B/SS Emilio Bonifacio to the Washington Nationals for RP Jon Rauch

Interestingly, the D'Backs already had a pretty solid bullpen. With Lyon, Pena, and Qualls, they had a pretty strong ability to get from their aces to the end of the game. However? Jon Rauch is a late-innings stud. And they'll get him through 2010.

Bonifacio? Good speed. Great defense. However? He's got a .735 OPS in AAA, and about .130 of that is Isolated from his average. It's bullpen help for cheap.

Fuck man. This means the D'Backs could be 78-84 spoilers.

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