Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is a post in reference to the days events...

It has been a busy day. Things have happened. Shenanigans and what have you. I was watching AWA live at a 1987 dive bar it was freaking awesome.

And you know what? I'll tell you what I think.

AOL Fanhouse loves breasts more than dignity: Now, I'm not going to say that I'm not unwilling to show pretty girls doing stuff. It happens. I'm a dude. The female form is pleasing to the eye.

However? I'm merely one man. My tag team partner has done it too. We haven't tried to portray ourselves as the preeminent news gathering organization in the Sports Blogosphere. We can still call ourselves amateur.

This is like taking Charles Gibson with Brenda Lynn Acevedo. Sure, it's flashier. Sure, everybody loves breasts. But when you come for class and decorum from the content. This is jarring, and not in a fun way.

The Mark Teixera trade: Teixera is awesome. He's going to rock Anaheim with power the likes of which Anaheim has never seen. But you know what? The Braves dumped salary. Casey Kotchman?

It is as if they got Lyle Overbay without the cult herodom. And that's a shame. The Braves of the 90's are dead. Bury them.

As for Anaheim? Well...

John Lackey is awesome: But you knew that already.

Ron Artest to Houston: I know it's PTBNL dependent, but the Rockets are soft. And adding a crazy motherfucker like Artest suddenly makes the Rockets-Spurs an almost guarantee for an embarrasing brawl. Which is awesome.

Rotohog sent us a tip...and as Brett Favre is going all Lloyd Dobler on Green Bay, please watch and enjoy.

Though in this matter, Favre is completely Ione Skye. And I will not argue about this.

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