Wednesday, July 2, 2008

There was one thing I liked about my Milwaukee Brewers 2007 Choke Job

I have a vow never to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I play fast and loose with my vows, I'll admit it. But this one has stuck. I will never listen to them broadcast a baseball game ever again.

And with my local sports team about to make it to the playoffs? I was going to have to break the vow. But then the Cubs got in the way. And I've never properly thanked them for it.


Why the backstory? Because Joe Buck was on ESPN Radio today, and he said, we'll let's go to the SOT.

Yeah. Joe Buck can't be bothered to give a shit about Major League Baseball. It would be fine, if he wasn't Fox's national voice for the game or something. God, I sandbag on Ron Santo because he's homerism over any semblance of professionalism, but you know what? He at least brings enthusiasm for the game.

Now? Joe Buck is nothing more than Billy Packer. Fox? Give him that Spike Ferestein half hour and get him out of my life, okay?


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