Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Search for Inspirado...

I never should have installed the sitemeter. The sitemeter means desperation. The sitemeter means you know what you had at WordPress. And it was a lot of people googling Kim Kardashian...


Yeah, the wordpress readers are a bunch of traitors.

I'm just saying. It's hot. I'm cranky. I have a nascent idea of how Murderball is proof positive that Juno is hack. I have a zygote of a premise on why ESPN is killing me because Brett Favre can't hit Ted Thompson on the two way.

But I can't even connect the dots with a confusing Bob Harris style. But if you want a chuckle? Google Tony Armas and Hello Kitty.

If I'm free, I'll liveblog the Sabathia debut. It is the greatest thing of all time in Wisconsin's history. And I may just watch as a fan.

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