Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ken Griffey Jr. to the White Sox.

Now, I was ready to write something about how you traded your two top pitching prospects and a Mark Kotsay clone for Nick Swisher and go and trade him back to his original team for Huston Street. That was a real rumor today.

But it seems as if the White Sox want to go back in time. They traded two mediocre prospects for Griffey. And apparently they want him to play Center Field. Which, despite the fact that they traded for him cheaply, is a really bad idea. Because he can't handle right field anymore.

Also, he's no upgrade over Nick Swisher, who is in the middle of a season playing Nick Swisher baseball. Low average, good power, great batting eye, looking stoned half the time. I'd go for the picture, but I'm lazy right now.

Unless it moves Paulie Konerko to the bench, this is a deal I just do not get. I may not be smart enough I guess.

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