Wednesday, July 9, 2008

By all logic, it's on in the NL Central.

If you get served, and then you serve them back? It's on.

you got served

And I couldn't be happier. My baseball team got C.C. Sabathia. He was solid tonight. I was expecting a perfect game, but a quality start is cool.

But you know what the Cubs did? They served the Brewers back.

Harden looking cute
Don't Break My Heart...

The Cubs got themselves a solid answer. Rich Harden, who in terms of baseball superherodom rates somewhere along the lines of Ben Sheets Bizarro Half-Brother, (Better stuff and more ability, but he may not get to 20 starts, ever.) And they didn't have to pay nearly the same price as the Brewers.

Now, sure, Matt Murton never got a fair shot with the Cubs and could Jack Cust some shit. Baseball America comes out and calls Sean Gallagher a Jon Lieber type (in a pitching park? That's solid). Eric Patterson could turn out to be a better version of his brother. And Josh Donaldson is an A-Ball Catcher. Ask Ben Petrick or J.D. Closser what can happen.

Granted, the Cubs only real big guns have made the bigs or are in Low-A, but still there was no Tyler Vitters or Jeff Sazmardja. And did I mention that Chad Gaudin deserves more mention than what I gave him? He's a Caludio Vargas type. Those have value.

So now the Cubs have solidifed their rotation. The Brewers have star power. If the Cardinals do anything? These last 70 games will be very intriguing.

God love it.

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