Monday, July 28, 2008

ESPN needs a better class of filler.

Green Bay is Titletown USA. It's a part of the agreement that the Packers had with the Cowboys. The Cowboys got Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and the rights to being called America's Team for the rights to being called Titletown USA. I know, kind of lopsided. But this was in the Pre-Ron Wolf era.

ANYWAY, as I was watching my AWA Wrestling, I found myself innundated by these commercials for Titletown USA. And I was perplexed. After all? Green Bay is Titletown. And didn't I offer them a quick and easy fix for last year's Summer filler?

I think I did...

So, I had to wait. And I had to hope. They would come to their senses, right? Wrong.

For years, it’s been called Winnersville. Now, the south Georgia town of
Valdosta has another name: TitleTown USA, thanks to ESPN.

The cable sports network is coming to Valdosta today to declare Valdosta the winner of its summer promotion that earlier this month featured the city as one of its 20
finalists for the national award.

Other cities in the running ranged from small town to metropolitan city. It included Boston; Green Bay, Wisc.; and Williamsport, Pa. The only other cities driven mostly by its high school sports tradition was Massillon, Ohio., and Parkersburg, W.V.

The cities were encouraged to offer evidence of championships at all levels and sports.

What the Hell? Tarnishing our hard-earned nickname for a city smaller than Eau Claire? Really? Haven't we given you all the news you needed by the Brett Favre

I'm annoyed. Valdosta has a good high school football team and Mummeball. They only have 8 national championships. Eight! Green Bay has 14! I know it's a stupid contest and I'll feel better tomorrow, but for fucks sake! NORBY TARNISHED OUR NICKNAME FOR VALDOSTA FREAKING GEORGIA!

*looks at comments*

Cody says...

id just like to say that ur ignorant for statin that bret favre doesnt deserve to have time takin away from talkin about himself i say hes a good ball player but screw him VALDOSTA is the winningest football team in the nation and
deserves this its about time one of the favorite states werent payed to be
crowned title town we won it and dont even have a PRO team so all i can say is
send ur team on in to valdosta and we will see who comes out smilin

Thank you stereotype Southerner. I think I'm gonna get through this okay. YAY!

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