Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brewers to add Ray Durham...

And I don't know what to think. Really and truly. This baffles me.

Not to say that Rickie Weeks had not been struggling this year, but he did it last year and came on like a charging bull toward the end of the season. Sure, he's not been in the same league as Soriano with his skill, but if he was hitting .250 instead of .220? He'd be fine.

And I'm not saying this as a sleight on Ray Durham. Ray Durham is solid even at his advanced baseball age. His defense is passable, and he's walking. And right now? He's at his peak.

And for Darren Ford, a poor man's Michael Brantley, and Steve "I repeated AA three times" Hammond? It's fair market value. But you know what.

Life's too short.

I've got Batman to watch.

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