Saturday, October 25, 2008

30 in 30: Golden State

Monta Ellis got his shit rocked by a moped. Chris Mullin is getting hit with the squeeze play. Marcus Williams is forced into proving the draft condoscenti right in reference to his draft stealery. But the question?

Is there hope in San Fran? Yes.

1. They drafted spectacularly.

In theory, anyway. Anthony Randolph has shown an ability to be spectacular in flashes. And he may be more than mere projectable upside. And Richard Hendrix has an opportunity to be more than Paul Millsap. This may be a fluke, I mean the two years previous have not brought much than motivation for Anthony Randolph and a guy I get confused for Kids in the Hall Writer Paul Bellini.

2. They may just let Jackson play for the contract and then get out.

I mean, they have Auzibuke and Magette in year one of the contact, right? Why extend a headcase like Steven Jackson? But they might. And if they do? Disregard this message.

3. Don Nelson is a drunken genius.

He'll get this team interesting by March.

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