Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ten Things that Will Happen in College Football Today.

1) Robert Griffin will allow Baylor to keep the game close vs. Oklahoma. Oklahoma may be supertalented? But they have a Red River Shootout next week. Baylor is about two levels down in overall talent, but Robert Griffin is a stud. He can keep them close. Oklahoma 42. Baylor 31.

2) The possibile only playoff game in Miller Park is going to have somewhat of an adverse effect at Camp Randall. The richers in Dane County are going to sell off their tickets. Add that to no band? This will be a support neutral road game for the Buckeyes. And if Steven Threet can run wild on them? What do you expect from Terrell Pryor? Buckeyes in double figures.

3) The meme about Auburn this year will continue. A spectacular defense will be able to save a rancid offense from an embarrasing defeat. Vanderbilt will be game. They will have plenty of chances for the winning score. But Auburn's D will win it for them again. Auburn 9 Vanderbilt 7.

4) In the battle of intriguing unranked teams who both have to play their back-up quarterbacks? Both have more to play for. UConn's schedule breaks down as such that a win hear would mean they could get to a November 23rd date with South Florida unbeaten. Division championships and BCS games are what the Tar Heels have dancing in their heads. UConn's not going to get their wish.

5) Somebody will call Pitt the softest 4-1 team in college football.

6) Even with the forced retirement of Dante Love? Ball State will still be a team that gets to 6-0.

7) The Ralph Fridegen redemption will continue. I know. Out on a limb with that one. They're playing Virginia.

8) Ramses Barden will make South Dakota's secondary feel bad about themselves. The Pharoh has been quietly dominant in his three games this season. (Gustav ruined the big one vs. McNeese State). 23-468-4. I expect that he will go off and have one of his larger games tonight. Say 11-220-2? Gut feeling.

9) Florida State's mercurial performances will continue. They may manage to beat Miami? But let's be honest, Miami's defense is there. It's tougher than leather. Florida State got handled by Wake Forest.

10) Texas and Missouri will win. The Big 12 will avoid what struck the SEC last week. For now.

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