Saturday, October 25, 2008

You know what?

I have been downright bitchy toward KSK. But that's just me. I have an ego. It gets me into trouble.

But that being said? Men With Balls is spectacular. It's got the swagger of the classic Big Daddy Drew posts, but if you feared that he had no chance of carrying the momentum through a 288 page book? Don't. He knocked this shit out of the park.

I hate to say this. I wanted to believe that I was the best blogger in sports as well as have a target to punch up at. But the fact of the matter? He wrote an awesome book.

So awesome that I would deign to call him Blogging's Lester Bangs. But Lester Bangs would rather call himself a "White Nigger" than work in advertising. So that wouldn't work.

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