Saturday, October 25, 2008

30 Previews in 30 Hours? The Fighting McCain/Palins...

Honestly, there are plenty of similarities between the Dallas Mavericks and John McCain. They were more popular in the early parts of the decade. Everybody loved the 2000 Dallas Mavericks, amirite?

Anyway, they stopped being revolutionary, and they moved closer to their base, and then the "big bold move?" It exploded in their face.

That being said? There is some hope for the old warhorses. If Rick Carlisle doesn't attempt to murder Josh Howard for his eccentricities? This is still a team with a pretty solid rotation.

Kidd/Terry/Howard/Nowitzki has a window of opportunity that's closing fast however. And if Howard or Nowitzki get hurt? This team could disappear fast. But yet? This is an on paper playoff team.

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