Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I still don't understand what a mohawk has to do with a ray.

I will fully and freely admit that I am a bandwagon Rays fan. Yes, I am a Cubs fan; but the fact remains that I love watching smug douches get put in their popped collar (or KAWWLAH) place. Red Sox bandwagon fans are the worst form of subhuman filth our world has encountered. They are a phalanx of posturing a-holes who have no idea how baseball is played or enjoyed.

I am however, enjoying Red Sox fans and their comments on various message boards during this ALCS or as I call it the rape of the green monster.

Let's begin.
Down 3-1

We got 'em right where we want them!

Boston-Phillies in the WS!

GOD-KING EMPEROR OF BOSTON "ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES" Agreed. I'm sure we all remember the 3-0 epic comeback.

Dodgers have played the Phils close in every game and fucked up at the end twice, and the Sox have been destroyed...but they are better than the Rays.

Shut up newfags, you don't know shit about baseball.
It doesn't matter that the Rays are winning right now, the Red Sox are still the better team

There are casualities in this war though. :(


and for the RAYS fans who read this.



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