Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tampa Bay will win this series.

Really. I'm not going to say that because I hate Philly. Because the Phillies can suck it. Brewers for life if you wheel. But let's be honest. Am I being too hopeful?

Maybe. Because look at it objectively. Jimmy Rollins? Better than Jason Bartlett. Chase Utley? Better than Akinori Iwamura. By far. The 8th and 9th innings? The Phillies can be scary if they have the lead.

Break it down by position?
C: Navarro vs. Costruiz: Advantage Rays.
1B: Pena vs. Howard: Advantage Push.
2B: Iwamura vs. Utley: Big Advantage Phillies.
SS: Bartlett vs. Rollins: Big Advantage Phillies.
3B: Longoria vs. Dobbs/Feliz: Big advantage Rays.
OF: Crawford/Upton/Gross vs. Burell/Victorino/Werth: Advantage Phillies.
Offensive Bench: Floyd/Hinske/Aybar/Zobrist vs. Jenkins/Coste/Dobbs/Stairs: Advantage Rays

Hamel beats Kazmir
Shields kicks Myers' ass.
Garza beats Moyer
Sonnanstine holds off Blanton

Middle Relievers:
Balfour destroys Condrey
Howell beats Romero
Miller gets bounced by Durbin

Late innings:
David Price is Ryan Madson's X-Factor. Advantage Push.
Brad Lidge destroys Dan Wheeler.

So what does this all mean?

Your Tampa Bay Rays take it down in six. If the starters hold up.

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