Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So you know what?

There's a reason why I like to duck Favrespeak. Because the fact of the matter is that he's like a slippery politician. He is Sarah Palin. He is Bill Clinton.

But there are three things I know. One, Jay Glazer is a damn nigh unimpeachable source when it comes to football. Two, he sold secrets to Jon Gruden and it will end up costing Green Bay a lot. And three?

There's going to be a cover up to protect Brett Favre's legend, I mean look at how far ahead Jay Glazer was up in this piece. He broke a code. You do not sell out your team to multiple teams that are not yours.

Brett Favre is dead to me. He died as soon as he wanted to return.

Aaron Rodgers for life.

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