Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Joe Biden Paradox...

Now there's an expecation game at the Vice Presidential Debates. Sarah Palin is going to say something stupid. She's going to talk of Katie Couric in Wiccan terms. She's going to ask for a Matlock Expressway from the Sun Belt to Alaska. Something odd.

But you know what? Joe Biden's got his own problem. details it, but let's call it simple.

Joe Biden has a greater chance of fucking this up the more he talks.

Why? Biden is the known. He's an old experienced salt. Everybody knows who he is. And they cannot reframe him. But if he tries to run the debate? He will lose. The major battleground gains? Out the window. Any shot at North Carolina and a landslide? Dead.

He needs to let Palin hang herself on her own petard. If he can do it. He will win. If he fails? The media gets vtheir horse race.

Keep it simple Biden. You can win.

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