Thursday, October 30, 2008

Briefly on Ken Macha?

If you're going retread? It's a pretty solid choice. He manages with a calculating sabermetric analysis. No more of Ned's problems.

We aren't going to see a player burned beyond the point of usability because he's one of Ned's guys. We aren't going to see an illogical batting order. We aren't going to see usage patterns ignored. And forget his tendency to crap himself when the pressure was on.

The knock on Ned is that a manager going by strictly common sense could win more games. With Macha? Last years team would have been awesomer.

It may take a miracle for next year's team to be as good. But remember? A chill manager can get the most out of talent after a forceful manager leaves.

And the Cubs may not be spendtasic like they were in previous years, either.

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