Saturday, October 25, 2008

30 in 30? Your Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers intrigue me. Sure Elton Brand was a man who had controversy as he rolled up on the city where it's always Sunny. But look at the facts.

1. Andre Miller is as awesome as what he was when he was a Cavalier.
2. Willie Green has developed into a pretty steady two guard who will take the big shot if the big names won't.
3. Andre Igoudala is a man who now can just be the open court elevator man if he doesn't want to.
4. Elton Brand. Twenty and Ten.
5. Samuel Dalembert. With Brand? He may get 13 or more boards per game.
6. Louis Williams is double figure scoring off the bench.
7. Royal Ivey is a steady back-up who doesn't turn the ball over.
8. Thaddeus Young's upside is tremendous.
9. Reggie Evans is gritty and gutty.
10. And Marreese Speights? He's a rookie with upside.

There's hope in Philly. They can get deep in the playoffs this season. And in fact? If you're rooting for new hotness over old and busted? Go Sixers.

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