Friday, October 24, 2008

30 in 30? Hawks

There's a certain swagger in the ATL. Mike Woodson may be a giant douchebag. But he won't break this teams stride. Really I promise.

The team itself?
Mike Bibby: Hey, who stuck a fork in his back?
Speedy Claxton: Really, really slow.
Maurice Evans: A retarded Josh Childress.
Thomas Gardner: Paul Shirley without the height and humor.
Al Horford: 82 games of double-double magic.
Othello Hunter: In an alternate universe, Go Ranger is a scrappy small forward from Florida. What?
Joe Johnson: Bonafide. He's the best start two guard who nobody cares about.
Solomon Jones: Has an opportuinty to live the American dream.
Acie Law: Acie Law may be driving car by Feburary. How can this be?
Randolph Morris: He's gonna keep Horford at the four. He'll make Dwight Howard call Horford a pussy.
Ronald Murray: The veteran two-guard offense who could do about 80% of Joe Johnson if disaster struck.
Zaza Pachulia: If you call the starting low post of Horford-Pachulia High Energy? Zaza would be Owen Hart.
Josh Smith: Believe in him and he will not lead you astray.
Mario West: Scrappy energy on the wing. Oh, he's not white?
Marvin Williams: Not Chris Paul, but not a bust. He's gonna make some awesome soon.

They move up a level, and Woodson gets shitcanned.

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