Saturday, October 18, 2008

If anybody tells you that these last three weeks are a surprise...

They're wrong. Well, they're right. But if you thought that Virginia was fated to go 1-10? You should have known better.

I know, I know. Al Groh was done. Done. They may have been a Division 1-AA contender? But please. They got rolled up on by Duke. This Marc Verica character was useless too.

But then? Cedric Peerman returns. And it's a new world in Charlottesville. Maryland gets their shit rocked. East Carolina gets their shit rocked. And they come back to beat North Carolina. They're 3-1 in the ACC, and seven wins is not an impossibility.

But you know what the watchword is for an Al Groh team? Streaky. Their shit is inconsistent. How many years have they ended their season losing four of five or three of three?

The fact that they're above .500? It's not a miracle.

Just a nearicle.

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