Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Sarah Palin supporter...

Creepy. Scary creepy. She has no issue base. And she's attacking with outright lies. And who is the Sarah Palin supporter?

- Palin supporters shouted nasty epithets at reporters and an African American AV technician.

- Palin made totally unfounded and inflamatory suggestions that Obama is a terrorist or is at least friendly toward terrorists and that he doesn't see the country the way you and I do (wink wink).

- In response to the above comments, one Palin supporter yelled "Kill him!"

- Palin was introduced by a shaved headed sheriff who denounced what might happen on election day if Barack Hussein Obama is elected.

- In an interview with Bill Kristol, Palin raises Reverand Wright and Bill Ayers and states that we should be talking about this more. Both old news. Both debunked.

Yeah. The Pit Bull has a heart full of shit. I know you're not surprised. But come on. McCain said this wasn't going to be a campaign on the peripheral.

I better go. Palin's pastor may call me a witch.

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