Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Five Things You Learn From Quarantine.

A list post? What?

I know. I know. But if Clovertine needs a blurb? I would go with...

"An Educational Experience!"--Andrew Rosin, Epic Carnival

And why is it so? That's why were here.

1. Camera Motion adds to the perception of awesome.

Not in a Paul Greengrass, Cloverfield sort of way. But the cameraman as narrator story is an easy rocket boost to a flagging story. And if it doesn't make you sick, it can be able to be a cheap way to get entertained.

2. Dexter's Sister could make the A-List.

Honestly. This might be merely me being predictive and speculative, but she could be awesome in an Judd Apatow-styled RomCom. Seriously. The pulse-pounding action doesn't come until late. And that needed an air quote.

jennifer carpenter Pictures, Images and Photos

She'd be better than Kristen Wiig anyway.

3. Don't show the last scene of a horror movie in a TV Spot.

You'd think the marketing people would know that by now. And yet? No.

4. Zombies have officially become hack.

And as a man who reads Marvel Zombies and The Walking Dead and paid for Quarantine? That may be a Hell of a thing. It used to take Nick Cannon to keep me away from a Zombie Movie. Now? It's something else entirely.

5. Wait for Cable.

Seriously. Just do it.

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